Pakenham WI News - Texas Here We Come! - Part 12

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Texas Here We Come! - Part 12 - 23rd April 2010
Mission accomplished.!!!

After the most chaotic scenes at Fort Worth airport on Wednesday night seven girls made it onto the scheduled flight by KLM over night. The back log of passengers prevented Janet and I joining them. This caused quite a few tears as Carole, Carol, Rosemary, Bridget, Miriam, Marion and Pat left us behind. By this time we had the television cameras with us so they filmed the next part of the drama as it unfolded to the amazement of the many other passengers in the terminal. After doing a full length interview whilst attempting to get on the Memphis flight, Maggie took over the fight for a return to Britain that day. It was chaotic with no one in place to sort out the needs of the stranded people trying to make it home to Europe, all extremely tired and frustrated. Quite what happened or how it happened I shall never know but I was told to board the Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt leaving in 10 minutes. I refused to go without Janet and after 5 minutes of heated negotiations they put us both on. Amid fond farewells to our beloved hosts and a rather dishy film camera man, a very relieved pair of girls left America.

We arrived at Frankfurt nine hours later to relative calm but a very difficult route back to the U.K. ahead. To cut along story short, ten hours and £350 later, Janet and I finally landed at London City airport to be met by our husbands.

In the mean time the A team of seven had landed at Norwich airport; 7 bodies but only 2 bags(!) so not happy bunnies. We found out later that 150 bags had gone missing for that flight so not good. The girls have filled in all the required paperwork so watch this space to see how long it takes for them to follow us home.

The farewell barbecue at a vineyard the night before departure was fabulous. The mayor of Fort Worth had sent us a letter of thanks. There were special cowboy bandanas presented, a group of cowboy folk singers sang a special song and the highlight of the evening was when Father Fred became a pop singer for one night only. Glenn Campbell watch out! An evening to remember - really good but so very sad knowing we were leaving all these lovely people behind the next day.

This has been an experience we will all remember for the rest of our lives. We shall be forever grateful to our wonderful hosts. This is a relationship between two countries that cannot be allowed to end we have invited our friends from Trinity Fort Worth to Pakenham next year.

On my own behalf I would like to thank Maggie and Judy for looking after me so well, I love you lots girls.

This should be the end of the story but really it is only the beginning. There is still so very much to tell, hopefully over the next few weeks the rest of the team will tell their story of Tea Time in Texas.

Mary S Kirby
Pakenham W.I.