Pakenham WI News - Texas Here We Come! - Part 11

Pakenham WI

Texas Here We Come! - Part 11 - 20.04.2010
Yesterday was sight seeing day where we visited the botanical gardens and sampled the tranquility of the most amazing Japanese garden. It was then on to The Western Stockyards to meet the cowboys and witness a cattle drive through the streets. Carole Hurrell chatted up a cowboy and his horse! It was then on to The Kimbell museum for a spot of lunch. Things went slightly down hill in the afternoon at the Cowgirl museum - not quite our sort of thing - so after a very hurried goodbye we revived at the Central Market with a strong cup of English tea.

The evening was fabulous - a formal farewell from the city of Fort Worth in the form of a barbecue. There were speeches, formal presentations, and even a letter of thanks from the mayor. Although the best evening ever, it was so sad to be leaving our beloved friends behind.

The liaison between these two groups of fabulous people can never be allowed to end. We have invited the group to visit us at Pakenham next year, some to barbecue and some to join our church bell ringers.

I am hoping for a miracle at Dallas airport this afternoon - keep absolutely every thing crossed for us. The transmission country for tomorrow is in the lap of the gods. . .

Mary S Kirby
Pakenham W.I.

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