Pakenham WI News - Texas Here We Come! - Final Part

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Texas Here We Come! - Final Part
Dear Vicki, accommodation hosts, lunch and supper hosts, outing organisers, kitchen gofers, drivers, Father Fred and the small but perfectly formed catering manager at central market!,

A massive thank you to everyone who made our stay in Fort Worth so very special and memorable.

Vicki for being my opposite number in Texas organising your end so perfectly. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend.

Judy, John and Lynne, Bill and Sandy, Judy, Jane and Leigh, and Bob and Sarah - you made us so welcome in your lovely homes, we are so grateful.

Gail and Karen, thank you for the lovely suppers, your hospitality was so enjoyed and appreciated. Our sincere thanks also go to Maggie and the lovely ladies who provided the scrumptious lunches at Trinity Hall. We have special memories of the supper at Jo’s Mexican restaurant and Mamas pizza house, again thank you to all who hosted those evenings. The last night barbeque was fabulous - what an amazing social event.

Front page of The Chronicle - John LewisWe so enjoyed the sightseeing and outings although I have to be honest and admit the girls and I are not cowgirl fans.!!!

Cherie, Mary and Jean, our kitchen gofers, it was fantastic working along side you girls. Any time, any place you need help let us know and we will come running.

(Front page of The Chronicle - John Lewis, published this week - please click to enlarge.)

Tom, Maggie and all our drivers - you were magnificent. Six of us will long remember that interstate 35 drive to Austin, we loved it Maggie, thank you.

Susan and Judy, what a great P.R. team - thank you for the publicity on the trip.

Father Fred, we so enjoyed the Sunday church service and your amazing singing at the barbeque. Many thanks go to Debbie for your superb rendition of our beloved Jerusalem.

Last but not least, the catering manager at central market, that ladies and gentlemen will remain a very funny W.I. secret for the rest of time.

We miss you all so much. The perfect memories of that week will remain in our hearts for a lifetime. How truly wonderful that for the second time two groups of distant communities formed such an amazing bond and relationship when living together.

Thank you,
All our love,
The Tea Time in Texas Girls
Mary, Carol, Carole, Pat, Rosemary, Miriam, Janet, Bridget and Marion.

Mary S Kirby
Pakenham W.I.