Pakenham History

We are very pleased to now include 3 books in addition to a number of interesting items in our Pakenham History section.
If you have any old records, photographs, booklets, artefacts etc., relating to the history of Pakenham and would like to share them with us,
please email with details.

August 2018

Geoff Barton - The Voices of PakenhamThe Voices of Pakenham

I’m putting together an audio archive interviews with long-standing residents of Pakenham. I wanted to capture some memories our wonderful village. So far, I have recorded conversations with Cedric Palfrey, Eric Manning, Valerie Dorling and Sue Harnor. Each talks about family life, village social events, how Pakenham has changed through the years, plus a range of personal reflections. You can listen to them here:-

If you have a story to tell about your memories of our village, I’d love to talk to you. You could be one of the Voices of Pakenham.
Just email me at, or let Max Bacon know that you’re interested. I’ll then sort out half an hour to come and have a chat.

Geoff Barton

Pakenham Football Team 1959
Pakenham Football Team - FASS Charity Shield Final 07.05.1959, photos kindly sent in by Kenneth Peck.
March 2017 Joseph Alfred Hardcastle

Joseph Alfred Hardcastle and his tenure of Nether Hall (1865 - 1873) and its sale.

March 2015 Map of Pakenham dated 1837

1837 Map of Pakenham sent in by Greg Jessop
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April 2009 Pedigree of the Pakenham family

The Pedigree of the Pakenham Family

August 2007 History of Nether Hall Book "The History of Nether Hall and the Various Owners", a short history written by W.R. Rayner we think in the late 70's. Permission kindly given by his daughter Gill Applegate, to publish on the Pakenham Village web site
October 2006 William Rayner by Gill Applegate (nee Rayner)
February 2004 Yet More on Gin Bottles - email & photos from Scott Crossley - maybe you know more!
September 2003 More on Gin Bottles - email & photo from Ken Crawford - perhaps you can help?
February 2003 Pakenham Village of Two Mills Book"Pakenham - Village of Two Mills", a book written by N.R. Whitwell in 1984, with persmission kindly given by S. Whitwell to publish on the Pakenham Village web site. Please note - some of the pages contain several photographs, maps etc., so please allow time to display. Enjoy!
March 2002 "Secrets of the Family Frozen In Time" - a detective story written and submitted by Robin Imray and published in the East Anglian Daily Times 15.03.2002
March 2002 The Royal Jubilee of 1887 - Martin Harrison
July 2000 Pakenham Charities - Martin Harrison