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Thank youOn behalf of Pakenham WI and all the local residents, could I please say a massive official thank you to Barbara at the post office for her outstanding contribution and service to all of us through out the pandemic. The groceries, postage, papers and financial services operating on our doorstep have made all our lives so much easier and safe thanks to her, and will be appreciated for time immemorial.

Thank you Barbara.

Mary S Kirby.
BefriendingPeople are often lonely and find themselves isolated and in need of companionship. Some people can go days without seeing or speaking to anyone, having only their TV for company. If you could benefit from our FREE Befriending Service or you yourself would like to befriend someone who feels lonely, please click the image or visit for further details.
201712-ThurstonCommunityCollege-NewsNews from Thurston Community College
Suffolk County Council have recently launched a consultation on home-to-school travel and is proposing to stop providing free bus transport to Thurston Community College for residents that live nearer to another school, even though Thurston will remain the catchment school for all the children in the village.
Please click the image to open the pdf in a new page giving full details and explaining how you can oppose the proposed changes. You have until 28th February 2018 to respond to the consultation.

2017 - Connecting CommunitiesConnecting Communities is a service – bringing the traditional community transport services such as Dial a Ride and Community Car service under one new single identity.
Click on image or visit for further details.


Pakenham Fox 2016
After nearly five years and a complete make-over, Pakenham Fox re-opened on 6th August - a big thank you to Nick.

22.02.2015 Margaret Harbury


Thank you so much to everyone who participated in this year’s show, yet another hugely successful village social event.

My thanks go to Margaret and Pam for their admin work on the day, Chris for the games, Peter for putting up, and taking down his splendid marquee. The entire WI T Team, bakers waitresses and kitchen staff brilliant team work as always girls, we were delighted to welcome back into the fold for the event our very own scone queen Carole Cordell. My sincere thanks to the people of Pakenham who contributed the magnificent raffle prizes.  Pakenham Flower And Produce 2014 WinnersIt was great to have Dr John Cannon on board to present the trophies and medallions. We owe a massive debt of gratitude to Richard Bryant who so kindly paid for the hire of the hall, enabling us to donate the proceeds of the show to The Forget-Me -Not Campaign. It was a joy to work with Gill Parry once again, thank you Gill for all your hours of hard work. Last but no means least thank you to all the exhibit entrants, it never ceases to amaze me how much talent can be found in our small village.

Please click on images to enlarge.

Pakenham Flower And Produce 2014 Winners Pakenham Flower And Produce 2014 Winners Pakenham Flower And Produce 2014 Winners Pakenham Flower And Produce 2014 Winners
Pakenham Flower And Produce 2014 Winners Pakenham Flower And Produce 2014 Winners Pakenham Flower And Produce 2014 Winners Pakenham Flower And Produce 2014 Winners

The event was and never has been a big fund-raiser, it is basically a social event for all in the village to enjoy. By popular demand we halved the entry fee this year so I am delighted to report with the help of the raffle, we raised £200.00, which will be presented to Dave Gooderham for The Forget-Me –Not Campaign at next week’s WI meeting.

Mary S Kirby


Warning - "The Worst Ever Virus/Malware"
It would seem that cyber criminals have found a new way to extract money from potentially anybody who uses a computer. CryptoLocker, known as "Ransomware", is usually received as an email attachment (zip or exe) or you could become infected if you browse malicious websites and once activated on your computer, finds and encrypts your data files (including those located on any attached drives or mapped network drives) with a private and public key.
The only way to then get access to your data is to pay the criminals who then (apparently) supply the private key to unlock your files. If you fail to pay within the allocated time, the key to decrypt is destroyed and you will never be able to access your data again.

You may find the following articles and links useful:-
To help safeguard your computer: Portable Crypto Prevent Summary - pdf
Windows Secrets: CryptoLocker: A particularly pernicious virus - pdf
Saturday Telegraph: How do I deal with cyber attacks? - pdf
CryptoLocker Ransomware Information Guide and FAQ:

Keep safe; regularly backup your data, do not click on links in emails (go to your browser and manually type the address), do not open email attachments unless you know where they are from and you are expecting them, keep your antivirus software up-to-date and remember, HMRC will never correspond with you via email attachment and banks will never ask you to click on a link in an email to confirm your username/pin/password and did I mention, don't forget to backup your data!

Pakenham Gardening Club
After the success and the amazing show of enthusiasm for all home grown at the recent Flower and Produce Show, Gill and I are interested in forming a village gardening club.
We propose to meet monthly in a central location to discuss all aspects of horticulture, swap ideas, seeds, plants, cuttings and gossip about our passions for gardening.
We thought the occasional speaker and trips to national or local shows would also be a great plan.
We would love to make The Flower and Produce Show a yearly event, so we can all get our teeth into serious competing and growing nothing but the best. A gardening club would give us a dedicated team in place to organise something really special annually.
We would love your help and participation. Are you interested?
If so please contact Mary on 01359233435 or
Gill on 01359232406
Hopefully there will be enough interest to set the ball rolling.
Menta are working in partnership with St Edmundsbury Council providing free, one to one, impartial business advice and support to anyone thinking about or, already running a small business.
Further details: St. Eds Rural - Free business advice available.pdf

Diamond Jubilee Celebrations 3rd to 5th of June 2012.
Unfortunately, due to too many applications for funding and insufficient funding available, our Heritage Lottery Fund application has been unsuccessful, however . . .
The Jubilee planning committee meeting in January decided that the Pakenham Diamond Jubilee celebrations would span the four day holiday period.
There will be a 1940/1950's dance on Saturday 2nd June in Pakenham Village Hall.
On Sunday 3rd June there will be an afternoon street tea party in the village hall car park incorporating other activities such as a fancy dress parade.
St Marys Church will be open for the entire period to display the rich history of our wonderful village with photographs, pictures and the many treasured possessions of our residents, many of whom will be on hand to tell their wonderful recollections and stories of bygone times.
On Tuesday 5th June ( timings to be decided ) the water mill have very kindly offered to open the rear gardens for all our residents to a bring your own picnic and enjoy a wonderful social afternoon in these idyllic surroundings.

A questionnaire has been distributed to all village homes to ascertain how many children under 14 years would like to attend the street party and enable us to obtain numbers for all the children to be presented with a commemorative mug to mark the occasion. Any one who has not received this form could you please contact me on 01359 233435. The next meeting is at Squires Gate on February 20th at 7.30pm.

Flicks in the Sticks.
The premier day of Flicks in the Sticks or as it turned out Flicks in the Snow, was a huge success . The hall transformed into a cinema for the day echoed to the sound of either Alvin and the Chipmunks or Great Movie Themes prior to both performances. Both films The Smurfs and then Tinker, Tailor Soldier Spy were enjoyed by all, I secretly enjoyed the matinee film far more than the adult performance. The verdict of all who attended was absolutely brilliant.!!!
Please click on images to enlarge.

Flicks in the Sticks 20120204 Flicks in the Sticks 20120204 Flicks in the Sticks 20120204
My grateful thanks go to Holly Weaver for the fab. advertising board and C.News publicity, David Osborne for the original advertising graphics, Richard Gay for the technical and projecting expertise, Caroline Dawkins my co- organiser, The Flicks in the Sticks team and by no means least Peter and Barbara for opening the post office shop in true cinema style to sell ice cream sweets and pop corn. It was the most magnificent team effort which we will repeat on April 14th with a double bill of topical and new release movies. See you there.!!!!!

07.12.2011 Mary Kirby, Pat Culley, Lesley Fisher, Julie Jones, and Jo Pitt would like to thank all those who supported and helped at the Help For Heroes Coffee Morning on December 7th 2011 in Pakenham Village Hall. The event raised £313.87 which will be winging its way to Tidworth in time for Christmas. This brings the grand total raised this year to over £2,000. Please click on images to enlarge.
Help for Heros Coffee Morning Help for Heros Coffee Morning Help for Heros Coffee Morning
On 28th October 2011, Pakenham Fox was put on the market and sold, to close within 28 days. Once a village with five pubs including The Bell, The Telegraph, The Royal Oak & The Woolpack, the last remaining Pakenham Fox will be sadly missed by many. If you have any old photos or any interesting/amusing stories about any of the five pubs that you would like to share, please send to
27.03.2011 Pakenham Parish Plan pdfPakenham Parish Plan 2010 General Questionnaire Results pdfThe Pakenham Parish Plan 2010 was presented to members of the parish on 24th March 2011 in the village hall by the Pakenham Parish Plan Steering Committee. It was well attended and refreshments prepared by our Pakenham WI were enjoyed by all. PDF's are available for download of the Plan (20110325-PakenhamParishPlan2010-web.pdf 3622kB) and the Results of the General Questionnaire (PakenhamParishPlan2010GeneralQuestionnaireResults-web.pdf 437kB). Please select or click the images to download.
If you have any comments or questions regarding the Plan, please email
03.03.2011 HRH The Prince of Wales, arriving by helicopter on Friday 4th March 2011, will visit the Cathedral and Theatre Royal in Bury St. Edmunds and Pakenham Water Mill. The full story can be seen on the BBC web site and photos of the Pakenham visit here.
David Eddershaw, the Mill Curator, has advised as follows:-
All are welcome to come and see the Prince arrive and leave. However, I understand the road outside the mill is likely to be closed to traffic by the police during the visit. I'm not quite sure when they will do this. The mill car park is reserved for mill volunteers so it would obviously be best to come on foot.
HRH will arrive at 1.40 and leave at 2.35.

Many local people living here in the countryside are quite distraught at the suggested axing of an already limited bus service and the effects it will have on the community. Sandy Jackson has set-up an online pettition "Save Our Local Bus Service Route... 315". Full details SaveOurBusRoute_Feb2011.pdf and this is the link:
Sandy suggests you could also write to our local MP David Ruffley
and Guy McGregor at SCC

Oct 2010

Pakenham Charities

29.07.2010 Pakenham Parish Plan
The Parish Plan Questionnaires are not only being delivered to your door during the course of the next few days, they are also available to download or complete online. Just click on the image to follow the link to the information page.
Don't forget to visit the Parish Plan stand at the Pakenham Village Fete on Saturday 31st July (12.00 - 16.00H) where you can browse, chat, ask questions, find out why it is important to 'have your say', pick up and drop off your completed questionnaires, and of course, refreshments will be available!
14.07.2010 Pakenham Circular Walk leafletPakenham Circular Walk
The revised Pakenham Circular Walk leaflet has been completed by Karl and is now available as a pdf download (534 Kb) Pakenham_Circular_Walk_20100709.pdf
27.03.2010 The first Pakenham Parish Plan drop-in event held on 27th March in the village hall attracted quite an interest with lots of comments and ideas and based on the results, a questionnaire is now being prepared to cover all points raised. Pakenham is planning for our future and all residents and users of the Parish are encouraged to participate and have a say in what matters to us. Tea and cakes presented by our Pakenham WI were (of course!) enjoyed by all and photos of the event may be seen here.

Last year, the Pakenham Parish Plan Steering Committee was formed and has been extremely fortunate in successfully obtaining National Lottery funding along with a donation from Pakenham Parish Council to enable the production of the Pakenham Parish Plan.
The Pakenham Parish Plan, when complete, will provide statistical evidence gathered from the whole community on critical topics such as housing, transportation, the environment, social and parish services and any other matters that you yourselves may have identified. There is no strict format to a parish plan, each plan is unique and is dependant on the specific interests of the parish.
Our Parish Plan will be critical not only for residents and village organisations but for all service providers to Pakenham including organisations such as local authorities, emergency services, social services, voluntary organisations and environment bodies.

Pakenham is planning for our future and we can all have a say in what matters to us. The first event will be on March 27th 2010 in the village hall between 1.30 - 5pm. Come along with all members of your household for this important event and also join us for free tea and cakes! (Food and drinks being kindly organised by our wonderful W.I.)

  Pakenham Charities 2009
11.10.2009 So they have gone. Ian and Avril after 17 years have retired from the Benefice of Pakenham, Norton and Tostock. A Joint Benefice service was held at St Mary's Pakenham on Sunday 11th October with a congregation of 125 attending, comprising of all ages from pre toddler to well past it, a thoroughly good cross section to symbolise the influence that both Ian and Avril have had on this joint community over the years they have been here.
The Service as usual was run in the immaculate style of an Ian Hooper service, everything done to perfect time, so smooth, so precise, so acceptable. The sermon delivered with humour, emotion and love was for us regular sermon listeners something we have come to expect as a norm in our religious lives, but this sermon had another dimension. Here was a father figure reaching out to his congregation, telling them he was leaving, saying to them Now you must stand on your own two feet, I have shown you the way, now go out and show others and be dedicated to the work of Christ.
The outpouring of love and affection toward Ian and Avril was continued in the farewell "do" in Pakenham Village Hall after the service. A fine spread of food awaited those who came down from the service and was enjoyed by all, a credit indeed to the "Bring and Share" lunches that both Ian and Avril had encouraged during their time in this Benefice.
Alan Taylor rose and paid tribute to our departing couple, emphasising the strength of their partnership together, reminding us all of the successful ideas and innovations that had come about under Ian's leadership and perhaps above all a very much stronger Benifice in the 17 years that Ian has been here. We have had our trials and tribulations over the years, but now we are strong and much more together, and much of this is down to Ians encouragement, not only as Rector, but also through the office of Rural Dean, which showed the true strength of his organisational ability.
A presentation was then made of a cheque for them both, a set of travelling suitcases, and a large bouquet of flowers for Avril and a selection of wine for Ian .
Ian replied in emotional style, saying that although Avril and he had at one time in their lives rather thought that they would have liked to retire in the West Country, far off distant East Anglia and with the people of East Anglia is where they and their family considered their home, and they looked forward to their retirement in Stowmarket. And what could be better, a nice cosy home, sport on the telly, a by now copious supply of wine, a CD of classical music in the background, a walk together in the fine Suffolk air, reminiscing and perhaps pushing the first grandchild in the pushchair, and being totally satisfied that despite all of the problems of the past you have both done a great job, and that certainly in the three villages of Tostock, Norton and Pakenham you will always be welcomed with open arms.
On a personal note. I remember 12/13 years ago Ian coming in to Pakenham Post Office and saying to the lady behind the PO counter that he was really worried that he only had one Churchwarden at the time, and the rather fat, unkempt, slovenly fellow behind the retail counter suddenly said "I'll be your Churchwarden", and at that a rather shocked and startled Ian retorted "I must go home and pray". Well Ian, I obviously do not know how you worded your prayer, but I do know that that rather fat, unkempt and slovenly fellow is a better man for your intervention (however stressful) in his life. Thank you both.
Someone once said "DON'T FORGET THE WORKERS". Thank you all who organised, cooked and cut and spread and made for us all a wonderful party to say farewell to Ian and Avril. YOU'RE THE TOPS.
27.04.2009 Thanks, but is thanks enough? Not enough in our case. Why is that?
Well, we are Jan and Max and we have just been given the greatest send off by this wonderful village of Pakenham that anyone could ever imagine. All we ever did was our best and sometimes our best didn't seem enough.
We need to thank everyone who gave up their time and money to organise and attend what was without a shadow of a doubt a fabulous and fantastic evening. Our particular thanks to the glorious and revitalised Pakenham W.I.
that, lead by the incomparable Mary Kirby, gave all of us three hours of fun and laughter and lots and lots of food.
No, thanks is not enough, we can never thank you enough, all of you, that's everyone who has ever supported us in all of the thirty years we have run the Post Office and that means not just in Pakenham but Stowlangtoft, Thurston and Great Barton as well and all our passing customers from Walsham, Badwell Ash, Gt Ashfield and Norton. We applaud you all, we give you all our love and will give you all our love for as long as we live. That is the only way we can ever repay you.
No, thanks is not enough...
Jan and Max Bacon
04.04.2009 Max and Jan's farewell
What a great evening this was. !!!!
Over 150 people gathered in the village hall to pay tribute and thank Jan and Max. The food was amazing although serving it proved a logistical nightmare but the W.I. girls triumphed as usual and organised a convoy system round the tables.
Everyone got to sample all the culinary delights and the scraps were donated to the Porteous' s chickens who must have supplied garlic flavoured eggs all week.
The Full Monty team stunned and delighted the audience I fear the W.I. will never be thought of in quite the same way again.!!! We had great fun prior to and during the performance, its amazing the effects a few bottles of good wine can have on your nerves.
It was great to see everyone have such a good time; what a good way to spend a Saturday evening.
My sincere thanks to all who helped and contributed to the evening but most of all thanks to Max and Jan and family for all the years of kindness and devotion to our village and its residents.
Mary Kirby, Pakenham WI President
30.09.2007 Pakenham Charities 2007

It is with regret and many thanks that we say goodbye to Tony Hoskins, our ever faithful street cleaner. He has worked for us for many years now, and everyone will agree that he has done a great job. We are very pleased he has gained confidence and now has a very demanding job at Marlows. We all wish him well.
We are still looking for someone to keep Pakenham tidy. The position is for about 5 hours per week, pay negotiable. Contact the Chairman, Pakenham Parish council, on 01359-230475.

17.10.2006 Electoral Registration Information - Get Registered!
To be able to vote at the Borough and Parish elections, which will take place on 3rd May 2007 your name must be on the Register of Electors. Every Autumn, St Edmundsbury Borough Council sends a form to each household to collect registration information so that a new register for the coming year can be published. Make a return now to be sure you will have a vote next May. If you have any queries about registering or voting, contact the electoral services helpline on 01284 757131, or e-mail
04.10.2006 Christian Aid.
We are very sad that Val Honeywood of Norton feels she can no longer organise the Christian Aid Week collection in Norton. Val has organised and done much of the collecting herself since 1987, and we are most grateful to her for this mammoth effort.
Val's going leaves a big gap in our annual arrangements for Christian Aid Week. It would be good if someone else feels able to take it on  - once a year, it entails finding collectors for all areas of the village, arranging a count of the proceeds, and banking it at the Post Office. All material and instructions are provided in good time for the Aid Week, which is the second week in May each year.
Please ring Joan Mangnall on 01359-230475 if you feel you could be of help, either as village organiser or as collector, of if you would like more information.
28.09.2006 Pakenham Charities 2006

Litter in Pakenham
We are so lucky in Pakenham to have many lovely walks. It would be better if they were not spoiled by so much litter. This is a national problem - it is an offence to drop litter.
We have a very efficient street cleaner who does an excellent job, but it is not possible for him to cover all areas. If we all take out gardening gloves and a plastic bag to pick up bits of rubbish on our walks, it would make a tremendous difference. Many people already do this, but we need more volunteers. Particular areas are Bull road; the entrance to the wood; Fen Road down from Boundary House;Thurston Road, especially round the end of what I would call Forge Lane; and the Playing Field.
Would people please let me know on 01359-230475 about any large items which have been dumped,and which need to be removed by the Borough Council?

Joan Mangnall,
Chairman, Pakenham Parish Council.

May 2006

Christian Aid Week, 14th.-20th. May
We cannot forget the disasters that have happened during the year, and the continuing misery from the Pakistan earthquake; but we must also remember all the other disasters, natural and man-made, of the previous years, and all the people who are still without life's essentials.. It takes many years to recover from major events such as these, and time and money have to be spent.
Please keep them in your hearts, and give generously.

Roger Mangnall, Treasurer.

10.09.2005 Pakenham Charities 2005
23.07.2005 Results 2005 - Christian Aid Week
October 2004 Pakenham Village News extracts from October Church News
25.09.2004 Pakenham Charities 2004 - application for grants
17.06.2004 Results 2004 - Christian Aid Week
May 2004 Christian Aid Week 9th-15th. May. There will be a house-to-house collection during the week.
Please give generously - the world is in a real mess, and we really can help!

Joan B. Mangnall,
Group Organiser.

14.02.2004 Phoebe Landymore
19.12.2003 A Tribute to Betty Dyer - As spoken at Betty Dyer's funeral, by Margaret Tipple.
17.11.2003 The Village Hall was well and truly opened on 11th. October by "Fred" from BBC Radio Suffolk, in the presence of David Ruffley, M.P. and the Mayor of St. Edmundsbury, Councillor David Lockwood. It was a beautiful day, and it was lovely to see so many village people together. "Fred" cut the tape and gave a light-hearted speech with a suitable Suffolk country theme, enjoyed by all. The rector, Rev. Ian Hooper, dedicated the Hall, then David Ruffley, M.P. spoke on the importance of rural amenities. the Mayor endorsed this. Mary Scarfe then spoke wonderfully, tying up the history of the Hall with the importance of all the village associations. She thanked everyone who had worked so hard to achieve this magnificent building - the Village Hall Committee, the architect, the fund raisers, and the whole village who had supported the various events and had given so generously. She ended with "Three Cheers for Pakenham!"

The official speeches over, the Pakenham Choir entertained us with a few celebratory tunes, and tea and refreshments were served.

The Village Hall Association hopes that all the village will use the Hall and enjoy the facilities - it is yours.

As I write this, Max and Jan are actually moving into the new Post Office Shop. We wish them well in their new base, and hope that everyone will find it a convenient stop. We have made this move to ensure that there will be a Post Office Shop in the village for the foreseeable future - it is up to us now to "use it or lose it".

Roger Mangnall

October 2003

Pakenham Exchange has reached it's target trigger level thanks to the efforts of the team and it looks like the exchange will be upgrading in January 2004.
Andrew Smith, age 15, has just taken part in his first International Artistic Roller Skating competition in Freiburg, Germany. He was placed 5th and skated very well. He has been selected to skate for Britain again at the end of October.  Well done Andrew and we wish you every success.

Village News - Max Bacon



Come and have a look on Thursday 28th August
From 6.30 p.m. to 8.30 p.m.

10.08.2003 The Hall will be finished by next weekend, and we shall take possession of it on Tuesday, 19th. August. Bookings are being made from 1st. September, and we already have three sessions weekly booked from a new client, Thurston Adult Education unit.
It looks very good, both inside and out, and will be a building for the village to be proud of.
The Mayor of St. Edmundsbury is coming to the Official Opening on 11th. October, and also David Ruffley, M.P. The opening will be by "Fred the Countryman" from B.B.C. Radio Suffolk.

Joan B. Mangnall, chairman.
01.07.2003 The outside of the Hall is now almost finished, and the scaffolding should be down in the next few days.
After this, the work will not be visible to passers-by, but is continuing apace and is probably about three weeks ahead of schedule. The inside walls are plastered, and the floor covering has been laid in the toilets.The beech floor of the main hall has arrived, but laying it must wait for completion of the ceiling. The kitchen furniture has been fitted; the cooker and refrigerator are on order for delivery in late July.
The planned Post Office shop is still a shell, but the fittings are on order. Fitting out of the shop will be the last thing we do, probably late in August.
We hope that the Hall will be in full use from the beginning of September. The official opening is planned for Saturday, 11th. October.

Joan B. Mangnall.
26.06.2003 2003 Results: Christian Aid Week
13.06.2003 Keeping tracks on our New Village Hall
19.05.2003 Village News - Max Bacon
21.04.2003 Village News - Max Bacon
12.03.2003 We are on our way! At last we can actually see the start of our new Village Hall. Building is going to schedule, and it should be finished by mid-September.
We are still applying for grants for the extras that we need to make it work to its potential, like kitchen fittings, stage and curtains, and the shop and Post Office.
We need to think how we are going to use the completed Hall. Of course, the more it is used, the less bookings will cost, and we hope that no group will be excluded on expense. Already John Culley is applying for a grant for indoor bowls equipment. If there is anyone who would be willing to lead a group, the Committee would be pleased to hear and to assist with getting the group going.
We need a leader for the Whist Group which is in abeyance just now. Perhaps a line dancing group could be formed again? What about a Bridge Group? We have some smart new card tables.
We need to cater more for the youngsters. There is a table tennis table - any more ideas, please? Could we have a Mother and Toddler group? Please think hard. It's your Hall and we want you to use it.

Joan Mangnall.

February 2003 Ralph Simpson 'Charlie Wheeler' - by Max Bacon
16.02.2003 Pakenham Village Hall remembered - by Max Bacon
January 2003 "Julian Spicer, of Pakenham, receives an OBE for services to architectural heritage and museums. He is director of the charitable Heritage of London Trust, which liaises with English Heritage to conserve historically important buildings with a community use."
Mr. Spicer, who has raised money for a variety of museums, said: "The Heritage of London Trust gives away grants to restore buildings - particularly listed buildings - with a community use. We are always raising money for something and it is nice to get this recognition."
22.01.2003 We have now secured enough funds to make a start, and the builders have moved in. They hope to finish in about seven months.
At long last we are on the way!

Joan B. Mangnall.

03.11.2002 Extracts from Church News - October 2002
19.09.2002 Extracts from Church News - September 2002
15.07.2002 As you may know, Ilona Stott died tragically, at the end of last month. Attached is a copy of the obituary I have written (with a great deal of help from Ilona's husband, Mike) which we are hoping will appear in the Bury Free Press.
Peter Ferber
June 2002 Now that we have secured a grant to rebuild the Village Hall - thanks to the National Lottery Community Fund, who have offered £294,322 - we can plan the way ahead.
Henry Painter will be the architect for the whole project, and had instructed various quantity surveyors and engineers. He will submit plans to the Borough Council for Building Regulations approval, and at the same time invite tenders from builders. Then we can start the building in earnest.
We hope to demolish the present hall late in October, and to have the new Hall open next June.
There will be some rearrangements of village events - watch this space!

Joan B. Mangnall.

24.06.2002 Results: Christian Aid Week
June 2002 "Lottery Money making a difference"

Pakenham has been fortunate in securing a grant of £294,300 from the National Lottery Community Fund, for a complete rebuild of the Village Hall.
Villagers have been working hard to raise about £60,000, and St. Edmundsbury Borough Council has donated £20,000.
We all look forward to having a new meeting place to foster our wonderful community spirit.

Joan B. Mangnall,
Chairman, Pakenham Village Hall & Playing Fields Association.

May 2002 The Queen's Golden Jubilee
Pakenham Church Bellringers
We have now rung 3 of the 5 quarter-peals we hope to ring for the Queen's Jubilee year.
Each quarter peal consists of around 1260 changes and lasts approximately 45 minutes.
Change ringing means that the bells change their order with every strike, according to the rules of a particular method.
"Doubles" methods are rung on five bells and "Minor" methods on six bells. For Doubles methods the heaviest bell, the Tenor, will mark time at the end. The lightest bell, the Treble, usually rings a less complicated routine which helps to keep the others in place.
So far, Joan Tipple, Sue and Steve Munford, Sal Burrows and Ken Brown have rung in all three quarters, with Ken doing the "conducting", (that is calling the Bobs and Singles that alter the work each bell does).
Mandy Shedden from Rougham rang in the first and Sandy Miles in the second.
For the third on April 7th we were delighted to have Carl Munford back with us. He started again just before Christmas after an eighteen-month break and was able to ring in this special quarter which was rung with the bells half-muffled as a mark of respect to honour and remember H.M. Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.
Bell muffles are leather pads which are tied on to one side of the bell-clappers so that as the bell swings one way it rings clear and when it swings the other way the tone is muffled by the leather pad.
Visitors are always welcome to our practice night on Fridays.
Sal Burrows.
March 2002 *The latest news on the new Village Hall is that the donations received so far amount to £19,500. A list of donors is on view in the village hall. The Village Hall Committee are purchasing new tables and chairs for the hall for use now and in the new hall exentually.
*Money from the "Awards for All" lottery we hope will be forthcoming. The application has been made but it takes five to six months to process, in the mean time lets hope for a successful outcome.
*Don't forget there is a Monthly Draw for Village Hall Funds held at the Post Office. This month's prize is a large piece of cooked ham. Tickets are £1.00 per strip.
*Also, don't forget the Christopher Spicer Video of village events starting with the Remembrance Day Parade in 1957 to the footbridge over the river in 1985. This is a wonderful trip down Memory Lane for £2.00 per day.
14.06.2001 Results: Christian Aid Week
18.04.2001 Christian Aid Week: 13th-19th May 2001.

The floods and epidemics in Britain during the past year can make us forget that these things - and worse - happen all over the world, usually in communities which cannot cope as well as we can. Christian Aid is there to help; and we must help Christian Aid, more than ever.

We shall hold a house-to-house collection during the week, in all three parishes. Please start putting money aside now, to fill your envelopes.

The Government's Gift Aid scheme will return tax to charities on all gifts, large or small. If you are a taxpayer, please make a point of filling in the details on the back of your gift envelope, to enable Christian Aid to reclaim the tax. (Roger Mangnall -

05.04.2001 The floodwater that continues to surround Pakenham looks set to be with us for some time yet - see photographs. The flooding on the A143 has been getting gradually deeper causing great inconvenience to traffic and local residents alike with the diversion for light vehicles through to Upper Town cross-roads in Pakenham.
Jim Nunn (Suffolk C.C. Highways Dept.) has advised that the intention is to pump the water away towards Ixworth into the river but the task will not be easy or guaranteed successful due to the extremely high water table. Eventually it is thought that the road may be raised with better piping and more effective drainage installed. Speed restrictions may be imposed along the diversion route indicating that it could be some time before the work will be completed.
16.02.2001 Max has finished his diet deciding to stop at 14 and a half stones and didn't he do well. He will now be pleased to receive all sponsorship monies due - thank you.
17.08.2000 Pakenham Pigs ???
01.08.2000 Sponsored Walk - Didn't they do well!
10.06.2000 Results: Christian Aid Week
June 2000 Church News Extracts: Pakenham Village News & Pakenham Windmill