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Texas Here We Come! - Part 10 - 19th April 2010
I get up at 6am each day to ensure our news reaches all our family and friends in the UK. We have discovered that many people in The States are logging on to read the daily happenings on this amazing adventure. An American version of the web site is now operating.

Because of the ongoing flight disruption, the link to all the people who care about us is vital. I have received Janet's ticket for Friday's flight this morning , many thanks KLM. We do not expect any news of our flight until tomorrow but have already been told not to expect departure until next week, unless a miracle happens. We are desperate to get home to our partners, families, animals, jobs and our beloved Pakenham. We love America but as the old saying goes there is no place like home.

WI 20100419Six of us headed off to Austin's premier designer shopping mall yesterday to shop, shop, shop, three chickened out and relaxed at home. We were transported in the worlds largest transit van, the journey down interstate 35 was hilarious as our chauffeur for the day is quite a character - everyone in our flight path scattered as we hoovered up behind them!

Our image has changed yet again and we are now very smart tea girls kitted out in Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren, even our nightwear! Wonderful, wonderful trip, just what we needed after a very busy four days.

Our evening meal was at Mamas pizza house where we sat amongst Fort Worth's premier base ball team, very young, very handsome and totally out of our league . . .

Today is sightseeing day starting at the Western Stockyards and then on to all Fort Worth's main sightseeing venues. Tonight we are being entertained by all our Fort Worth hosts and friends to say farewell, or not as the case may be.

En route to Austin, Bridget and Carol had the great idea that we travel to Houston or New York and hitch a lift on a ship. At first I thought what a mad plan but all the girls think it a fab idea. How I should proceed was quite a dilemma, then one name sprang to our minds 'ask Malcolm at ITV to give it some thought'. Five minutes later the email was sent and three minutes later the call came through that they liked the story. We shall have to see what happens but as I have learnt over the past few months, nothing is impossible.

We are booked as gofers for a big supper at the weekend and have been invited to numerous functions. We feel we are imposing on the generous hospitality of these lovely people, plans are afoot to seek employment - Janet's already been offered a job at central market!!!

Keep your fingers crossed everyone that miracles do happen.

Our love to you all

Mary S Kirby
Pakenham W.I.

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