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Texas Here We Come! - Part 9 - 18.04.2010
Concern begins to grow that we will have big big problems returning to the UK. Janet's flight was cancelled and she has no way of getting out until Friday. Our Wednesday flight is precarious unless the air space opens today. I am on staff stand by so stand very little chance of a seat with them.

Yesterday was fabulous! We attended the Trinity Sunday service organised in our honour. Jerusalem started the service, Rosemary and Carole sang in the choir in full robes and I stood in the pulpit! I told the congregation all the inner secrets of The Tea Time in Texas story and the congregation loved it. Father Fred was rendered speechless, a hard act to follow - the exact words.

After a Texas brunch we were guests of honour at the Bass Concert Hall where we were seated in the royal box, wow did we feel important! We were then taken to supper at one of Fort Worth's very affluent homes where even the dessert cake had been made in our honour. We stumbled home (as we do every night!) full of good wine and food and so appreciative to all who have been part of the organising team. Thank you lovely people - we shall treasure the memories of this experience for the rest of our lives.

Today is our very own day. We are heading for one of America's biggest retail designer outlets for some serious shopping. Ralph Lauren here we come! British banks, hang on to your resources.

Our fondest love to the loved ones back home. Keep your fingers crossed all goes well on the flight front later today.

Mary S Kirby
Pakenham W.I.

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