Pakenham WI News - Texas Here We Come! - Part 8

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Texas Here We Come! - Part 8 - 17.04.2010
Good morning Britain.

WI-20100417-Tea PartySaturday 17th April, T day dawned grey and miserable with the only bit of sunshine of the entire day being a splendid tea served amongst union flags in true British style at Trinity Hall Fort Worth.

Trinity Hall had never seen anything like it, there was a distinctly British feel in the air. The food looked amazing with every British tea delicacy known to man. Tiny little cucumber sandwiches made from the finest Waitrose bread, eclairs, viennese whirls, brandy snaps sponges, tea breads, scones, buns, fruit loaves, you name it, we had cooked then served it.

WI 20100417Yorkshire tea gold was the drink of the day but many guests were eager to try our special Suffolk tea which we were happy to dispense on request. The waitress service was superb and the girls looked amazing in their pink bun aprons, thank you Mandy from All Things Cake for supplying them a little touch of class!

The proceedings were televised by CBS - thank you Jane, it was a pleasure to meet you. The Bishop arrived at the very end having been engaged elsewhere - we were able to sit him and his wife down and they happily ate the left overs.

Our American counter parts Cherrie, Mary and Jean acted as kitchen gofers and were superb, such a joy to work with, their washing up skills second to none, thank you girls. The event was a huge success and we received a standing ovation. I was quite choked and so very proud of such a talented and versatile team of girls.

After a brief but welcome respite we headed off to get another excellent supper in the very upmarket suburbs of Fort Worth feeling like super stars after all the publicity and praise.

Today we look forward to church where all the hymns and service will be in our honour e.g. Jerusalem. We then go down town to a brunch. We are guests at the Bass concert hall in the afternoon and have been given the box of Fort Worth's wealthiest and well known Bass family. We have been invited to the home of The Van Ackeren family for supper.

Our hosts and all the residents of this wonderful place have become our closet friends.
Thank you so very much folks. We worry slightly how we are going to get home as the travel situation is very bleak. Contingency plans are in full swing and accommodation has been offered for the next six months.!!!!!

Thank you America - we love you.

Mary S Kirby
Pakenham W.I.