Pakenham WI News - Texas Here We Come! - Part 7

Pakenham WI

Texas Here We Come! - Part 7 - 16.04.2010
Non stop cook day.!!!!
Friday was non stop cook day and wow what a day; one disaster followed another as we tried to get to grips with U.S. cooking facilities. The oven was a nightmare and trashed one tray bake after another... The buns refused to rise and the sugar was grounded in the flight chaos at East Midlands airport. In true British style we overcame all the odds, bought 99 dollars worth of sugar (and Tate and Lyle paid the bill!) and cooked the victoria sponge in a frying pan.

WI 20100114We have all been up every day at four so by supper time are shattered. We ate at Joe Garcia's mexican restaurant last night and it was fabulous. After good food and numerous margaritas we were revived and had a ball! We start at nine this morning to ice buns, make sandwiches, slice cakes and hide all yesterdays disasters with cream and strawberries...

The reception and friendship of all here is fabulous - we have already been invited back to do it again.!!! We intend to provide a tea to remember today. When we will get home is debatable with Janet having been offered a 6 month contract at Central Market and we have been asked to do teas at a function next Saturday.

It is all such fun and an experience we will never forget.

Will clock in tomorrow,

Mary S Kirby
Pakenham W.I.