Pakenham WI News - Texas Here We Come! - Part 6

Pakenham WI

Texas Here We Come! - Part 6 - 15.04.2010
Nine girls, 12 sliced loaves, 6 tea breads, 2 gingerbreads and 2 fruit cakes arrived at Dallas Fort Worth after a thirteen hour trip from the U.K. The flight and fantastic service from all the staff and flight crew onboard KLM was incredible from Norwich through Schipol - thank you so very much.

We were met by a super reception committee at Dallas and apart from Rosemary being apprehended for a routine customs check all went amazingly well. We declared all the food stuffs we were carrying which caused a few raised eyebrows from U.S. customs.

After a relaxing evening with our hosts we went to bed breathing a sigh of relief that all had gone so well on our first day.

How grateful we all now feel that the 14th April was 'travelling day' after this morning volcano eruption news. What absolute chaos this would have caused at both sides of the pond.

WI 20100114The girls at this end have taken us shopping today and wow what a shop. We've been in massive fridges amazing supermarkets and delis just out of this world. We have made bosom buddies with every supermarket manager in the area. We have done deals like they have never done before and left them reeling from the pulling powers of British women.!!!!

Our hosts are fantastic, the hall and kitchens are superb, and the weather is so hot and delicious. We have had the loveliest day and our team have become the greatest buddies ever. We are out to an amazing restaurant tonight in preparation for a mega cooking day tomorrow interrupted by a fried chicken lunch. . .

We have lost the sugar so prayers are being said tonight for its safe arrival tomorrow.

Will be in touch tomorrow. Have a nice day ye all.

Mary S Kirby
Pakenham W.I.