Pakenham WI News - Texas Here We Come! - Part 5

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Texas Here We Come! - Part 5 - 12.04.2010
Forty eight hours and counting.
The tea breads, fruit cakes and gingerbreads are made and ready to be stowed away in our hold luggage. The packing is almost complete and there is a definite sense of excitement in the air. After months of planning this amazing tea venture is just about to happen.

We depart from Pakenham at 3am. Wednesday morning, fingers crossed all the alarms go off or Bridget will be most upset as she has carefully planned the pick up routine with Mr Davey. Then its off to Norwich airport for the first part of our transatlantic journey. With just a one hour forty five minute turn round at Schipol we shall do a quick duty free shop, plus a couple of birthday bouquets then wing our way to Dallas Fort Worth.

We thoroughly enjoyed the company of Malcolm and his cameraman on Thursday (08.04.2010) for four hours, the start of the Anglia television programme due to be broadcast on Wednesday (14.04.2010) evening. If you want to be absolutely certain we have left the country watch our departure on the local news that night. Malcolm if you read this it was a delight and privilege to work with you, many thanks for your support and interest.

We have one photo shoot left to do for the Waitrose and for The John Lewis partnership magazines. The nine of us will be on display yet again at the Bury St Edmunds store as we collect the last minute items to board the flight with us the next morning. Thank you Waitrose you have been great.

The American News Network CBS will be at Fort Worth airport to take up the story where the British team left off. We shall disembark in matching tee shirts, jackets and jeans to show the Americans we are no ordinary W.I. women but nine trendy girls ready to greet our public.!!!

The coming week I suspect will change our lives for ever and the friends we make will last a life time.

America here we come.!!!!!!

Mary S Kirby
Pakenham W.I.