Pakenham History : Pakenham-Village of Two Mills - NR Whitwell

"Pakenham -Village of Two Mills"
A book written by N.R. Whitwell
with permission kindly given by S. Whitwell to publish on
the Pakenham -Village web site.




The remains of a large pottery kiln
C1 - Pre-historic Pakenham
Barton Mere Roman Fort
Grimstone End Roman Road
Roman Fort The Parish of Pakenham
Redcastle Farm Sketches of excavation finds at Pakenham
C2 - Modern Pakenham
Modern Pakenham The bridge in 1890, looking East
The Village Sign The bridge in the same year, looking West
Mr. "Chippy" Melton & son, in 1890
The Village Sign
Rights of Way in Pakenham Parish
C3 - Profile of the Parish
Planning policy
C4 - Church Hill
The Rectory The Revd. C. Jones & The Revd. C.W. Jones
The Whistler Window The Whistler Window and mulberry tree
Speedy work on vicarage window by Whistler (Daily Telegraph 7th October 1980
Detail from the Whistler Window
C5 - Pakenham Church
St. Mary's Church The 14th century Font
The Family of Pakenham St. Mary's Church - Pakenham
The Tower Pakenham Choir - 1903
C6 - Parish Records
1st June 1477
Last Will & Testament of Robert Stokes
C7 - The Manors of Pakenham
The Manor of Pakenham Hall Manor of New Hall
The Manor of New Hall Maulkins Hall
alias Maulkins Hall, The original Manor House
alias Beaumonts Hall Nether Hall
The Manor of Nether Hall Newe House in 1900
alias Ladies Hall, Newe House today (1980)
alias Richardshall The Bell and Twitchett's shop, in The Street
The Manor of Red Castle The Lodge
Newe House Barton Mere
Barton Mere
C8 - Local Government in Pakenham
Introduction Harry Cross
The First Parish Council
The Parish Pits
Parish Refuse Pit 1925
The Parish Documents
Property of Overseers
C9 - The Mills and Other Features
The Tower Mill The Windmill at Sunset
The River The River Blackbourne
The Watermill The Watermill
The Manor The Manor
Oak Archway & Monogram
The Prince of Wales in Suffolk (newspaper cutting)
The Royal Luncheon Party
Letter from M.M. Colborne.Esq
C10 - Past Rural Industries of the Fen Road
Chalk Charlie Tipple, Hurdle maker
Lime Burning Pakenham Hurdleyard
The Hurdleyard Methodist Cemetery Gate
Flour Milling Richard Ashley, Armourer and Gunsmith
C11 - Personal Reflections
The Churchyard
C12 - Some Personalities
The Village Policeman Baden Lott and the Queen Mother - 1961
Arthur Bantick Nathan Stone, Baden Lott and Fred Twitchett
Peter James Ronald Foreman
Ernest Smith
Baden Gerald Lott
Fred Twitchett
Appendix I - Queen Victoris's Jubilee
Appendix II - List of Vicars
Appendix III - List of Parish Council Chairmen