Pakenham WI News - June 2020

Pakenham WI

Pakenham WI went digital for the first time this month thanks to the IT expertise of our very own Lisa and Zoom.

The first trial run was a monthly Zoom committee meeting on the 2nd June. Gone were the easy chairs and large glasses of wine and instead we all assembled precisely on time with our individual screens. Apart from a slight hiccup when Mary Kirby tried to join in the garden and was hurriedly instructed to get indoors !!!!, all went very successfully.

It was great to see each other in person - a few WI decisions were made, but basically it was so brilliant to catch up with each other's news and covid stories. Thankfully all our family news was good and positive. Our most recent digital experience was to try an entire Zoom WI get together on June 11th our meeting night for a drop in drop out chat. Again thanks to Lisa it was reasonably successful with 13 members in visual attendance, so happy to be reunited even though on screen.

Pakenham WI doing digital - June 2020! Pakenham WI doing digital - June 2020!

We have learnt a lot over the two visual encounters and intend to encourage more support for next month's meeting on July 9th at 7.30pm.

Life for all of us has become so totally different over the past 12 weeks and I would again like to thank everyone in our wonderful village for making it so much easier, especially all the amazing contributions on the Pakenham Facebook page.


Mary S Kirby