Pakenham WI News - September 2017

Pakenham WI

August 16th 2017 – Summer Outing to East Ruston.
This was another wonderful summer excursion for Pakenham WI and their friends.  East Ruston proved to be one the most amazing and extensive gardens I have ever seen. Originally an old vicarage, after years and years of hard work by 2 London based business men who bought it in the seventies, it has been totally transformed into a thirty- two acre paradise of colourful plants, shrubs and trees. Well worth a visit, and I suspect even more spectacular in the Spring.

September 14th 2017 – The Work of The British Red Cross To Support The European Refugees.
Gervais Koulounga Mamb, Senior Co-ordinator of The Norwich Refugee Support Team has kindly agreed to be our guest for the evening to tell the heart rendering and too often tragic stories of the many European refugees.
The evening’s refreshments will be provided and served by Barbara and Bridget. My grateful thanks to all for hosting the evening in my absence

Summer outing to East Ruston - 20170816 WI 20170914 - The Work of The British Red Cross WI 20170914 - The Work of The British Red Cross

Your support and presence at this cancer fund raising event in memory of our wonderful friend and colleague Doreen would be so appreciated.

October 7th 2017 – Pakenham WI Annual Jumble Sale
We look forward to your company and support at this year's important fund raiser for our institute. This one fund raiser enables us to give the very best of speakers, events and outings to our members for an entire year. What better place to source this years Autumn/Winter wardrobe.

October 12th 2017 – Trends of a Decade
The delightful designer Amanda Sutherland makes a welcome return to be our guest for the evening to take us on a new journey through the exciting changing trends with costumes and accessories from the 1920/50’s era. This will be a brilliant evening for all lovers of female fashion.

October 19th 2017 – The Bassey Girls Live at Wickhambrook
It is with a considerable amount of courage and trepidation that we take to the stage in front of a large audience to deliver a live rendition of Shirley’s favourite hits. Followed by a repeat performance newly booked this week, at Risby in December.

Mary S Kirby