Pakenham WI News - February 2016

Pakenham WI

February 11th 2016 - Matter’s of the Heart.
Our favourite GP John Cannon joined us on Thursday for the evening to talk on Matter's of the Heart, a subject very important and very dear to his heart. The long words and drugs relating to this subject have long since left my memory, but the advice and warnings will be etched there for evermore. His passion and knowledge of this complex subject was of great interest to us all. 20160211The agony uncle questions session and blood pressure check invitation could have continued all night, and it highlighted to me personally what a great need there is in our community for a sympathetic ear and medical advisory person to help us in times of need. 
The meeting was Valentines Day themed and attended by many members. We were delighted to welcome another new member Tina to the group. The superb range of refreshments were provided and expertly served by Tracy, Rosemary, Yvonne and Marion, thank you girls a great job.
It was a truly brilliant evening, thanks to all.

March 2nd 2016  – FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY - COLLABRO.
This is the eagerly awaited opportunity to hear the magnificent classical singing team of very talented and handsome young men who won Britain’s got Talent. We still have one ticket remaining if anyone is interested.

March 10th 2016 – The Work of The London Metropolitan Murder Squad.
Chief Inspector Lee Presland from the highly acclaimed Murder Squad travels from London for the evening, to give us a rare insight into the running of this organisation. Do we want any gruesome details he asked? My members replied ‘yes’!

March 19th 2016 – Litter Pick.
Please join us if you can at 9am at the village hall to tidy up our beautiful village ready for the spring.

Mary S Kirby