Pakenham WI News - October 2015

Pakenham WI

September 26th 2015 – Bletchley Park
Twenty-six girls and guys spent the day at this amazing war time base of all things secret coding. It was a fascinating insight into the daily life at a top - secret establishment so many years ago. It was staged as though the occupants had just popped out for a break and left all their equipment and belongs behind awaiting their return, even if they were all firmly glued down.!!!!!! The facilities were brilliant, eating and sitting opportunities at every corner, well worth a visit for young and old.
Many thanks Tracy Martin for organising yet another brilliant excursion.
October 8th 2015 – Making and repairing your own jewellery
Another great meeting evening, with Lesley Fisher showing her creative flair and expertise in the art of big bead necklace making and repairing.
Refreshments were provided by Julie and Jean, thank you girls they were delicious.

October 10th 2015 – The Autumn Jumble Sale
It was a totally exhausting, but rewarding experience. Thank you so much to all who provided their time over at least two very busy days and all those who generously donated and supported us. It never ceases to amaze me how much money can be made from all those unworn, unwanted, and unused items. We now have enough funds to ensure excellent speakers and facilities for our institute for the coming months, even better this year as I managed to cling onto all my belongings, unlike last year when they were sold. Thank you Pakenham WI, you are the very best.

WI - 20151008 - Making and repairing your own jewellery WI - 20151008 - Making and repairing your own jewellery WI - 20151008 - Making and repairing your own jewellery WI - 20151010 - The Autumn Jumble Sale

November 3rd 2015 – Annual Group Meeting at Norton
This is the annual get together of all seven institutes in our group. The meeting is at Norton this year and our hosts are treating us to a speaker on the art of eel catching. Next year it is Pakenham’s turn to be the host institute and I am so delighted to reveal that our guest speaker is a female fighter pilot from the tornado task force at RAF Marham.

November12th 2015 – Celia Simms The Secret Life of a Diplomats Wife
I know very little about this subject, as according to Celia it is very secretive topic. However I do know that Celia is a very funny and talented speaker. Watch this space.

It has been an incredibly busy week and all my members have worked so very hard, thank you everyone. We all need a well earned break for the rest of the month to re group and do it all again in November.

Mary S Kirby