Pakenham WI News - October 2014

Pakenham WI

October 9th 2014 – From Costume Designer To A Personal Fashion Business
Amanda Sutherland joined us for the evening to tell her personal story of how life from the London School of Fashion evolved into thriving fashion design business.
Amanda was an inspiration to us all, a young woman who had achieved her goal in life by determination, flair and hard work. Her headgear designs were amazing and her ability to create fantastic jewellery out of empty coke cans awe inspiring. We were delighted to welcome some guests to the meeting
Tea was served and made by Margaret H, Julie and Kate, brilliant eats girls, thank you.

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October 11th 2014 – Autumn Jumble Sale
Thanks to all who worked so hard to make the event a resounding success, and to all the generous people who donated the amazing range of goods to sell. It was a complete revelation to a jumble sale novice like me I can only describe the first hour as a stampede. We made a clear profit of over a £300.00, which will ensure the best of speakers for the coming year and allow us the extra funds to meet the hire charges of our village hall for forthcoming events and functions. All the left over goods were donated to Age Concern, thank you Mark and Kay for their immediate delivery

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WI Jumble Sale 20141011 WI Jumble Sale 20141011 WI Jumble Sale 20141011 WI Jumble Sale 20141011

Coming Up:-
October 21st 2014 – Annual Group Meeting.
This year’s annual get together is at Elmswell

November 6th 2014 – Committee Annual Dinner at Theobalds in Ixworth.
This is our WI night off, enabling us to enjoy an excellent meal, good wine and the very best of company, courtesy someone else.

November 13th 2014 – Emma Read on The Story Behind Our Local Egg Farm.
Emma joins us for the evening to tell the inside story of the production of our delicious and much appreciated local eggs. The competition is decorate an egg,

November 21st 2014 – The Christmas Craft Fair at Sandringham.
Our Christmas retail therapy jaunt of the year is a coach trip to Sandringham. It’s a full day of shop till you drop, a wonderful way top find all those difficult to think of gifts.

November 26th 2014 – Christmas Shop and Buffet Supper.
Two shopping trips in one week, what more could a girl need. This is a special evening invitation only to Wattisfield Gift Shop followed by a buffet supper.

My thanks to all the brilliant WI Team who worked so very hard to make the Jumble Sale a huge success and joy to be a part of. My special thanks go to Holly Weaver who designed the brilliant roadside posters and the advertising flyers.

Mary S Kirby