Pakenham WI News - February 2014

Pakenham WI

February 12th 2014 - License To Kill
Sixteen girls travelled courtesy Perry’s Private Coach Hire to the Ipswich Regent to see Brendan Cole’s Strictly Road Show License To Kill, a brilliant evening. The gods were with us, not only did we reach our destination without getting lost, the torrential rain and wind abated for the journey.

February 13th 2014 - DIY Pottery Meeting
Hannah Kingston joined us for the evening with her collection of painting equipment and numerous items of cream pottery. We purchased our pots and then the fun began. We spent a very happy 2 hours chatting and comparing notes, as we expertly decorated our chosen item. The results were truly amazing; the artistic talent in our institute never ceases to amaze me. After tea and a delicious selection of homemade cakes, we went home happy, but thinking of all the designs we should have used but didn’t (well I did). My grateful thanks go to the ‘T’ team and to Kate Mackenzie for the most fantastic birthday posies.

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Coming Up:-
March 4th 11th 18th and 25th 2014 – IT Clinics at New Green Thurston
We are delighted to start a course of IT clinics with Steve Gage for all four Tuesdays in March. The generous educational grant from Pakenham Charities is enabling our members to benefit from Steve’s experience of all aspects of IT, from graphic design to navigating Facebook and Twitter.

March 13th 2014 – For The Love of Donkeys
Sue Field joins us for the evening to tell of her work and passion for the caring and rescue of donkeys. We hope to have the company of at least one of her herd for the evening, we shall see.
The pottery we painted last month will be returned fired and glazed to be judged as part of The Hilda Phillips Competition Cup.

The Flower and Produce Show – 23rd August 2014.
Owing to financial problems in booking our village hall we are relieved to announce a venue change to The Pakenham Windmill. We are delighted to report it will now be an all day event at this fabulous village location, in conjunction with an open day for the windmill, plus games and sideshows organised by the church. Our grateful thanks go to Robert, Andrew and the Bryant family who have been magnificent, and without whose help the event would have been cancelled. The schedule and more details will be published next month.

Mary S Kirby