Pakenham WI News - August 2011

Pakenham WI

The trips to Sandringham and Althorp were enjoyed by all. The Sandringham Flower show was extremely crowded both prior to entry and once in the grounds. The team found it very exasperating having to queue for even the basic necessities such as food and loos.!!! The Althorp trip proved yet another Perry's mystery tour after our driver Adrian veered off the A14 into the boonies of Northamptonshire for what seemed like an eternity. All turned out very well in the end and this team had a perfect day in around Diana's beautiful home. Our thanks go to Tracy Martin for organising both adventures.

August 11th 2011 - Dr John Cannon - Cardiovascular Disease.
We were delighted to welcome this very popular and highly respected local G.P. John gave a fascinating and enlightening talk on this topic of medicine answering members' questions and reassuring them on the prevention of heart attacks, strokes and all aspects of cardio vascular diseases. His knowledge of this field of medicine was very impressive and I for one was very grateful I did not have to minute the talk with a high proportion of medical terms and prescription drugs being mentioned. Although a very serious subject his visit was thoroughly enjoyed by over 40 members. My thanks to the catering team Barbara, Doreen and Ricky for a fabulous range of homemade refreshments, you excelled yourselves ladies.!!!

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Coming Up:-
August 25th 2011 - Pygmalion.
21 of us embark on yet another of Mr Perry's mystery tours to the Garrick Theatre in Central London. I pray for a peaceful night in the capital as the ladies of Pakenham do not want to enter a riot zone.!!!

September 8th 2011 - Chip Summers - Drug Rehabilitation.
This very well known drug counsellor joins us for the evening to talk on this highly topical and worrying subject. We will also be welcoming later in the evening Yvonne Holman who will give a short talk on the work of Nick's Way the child bereavement group at St Nicholas Hospice. The Pakenham W.I. Nearly New Sale will be raising money to buy equipment for the group in October. Again both serious subjects but so part of the modern world we live in.

Its the time of year when Pakenham W.I. gets its hands on this fabulous range of nearly new designer clothes to sell to the public and give money to our chosen charity. I have had a preview and there are some great bargains from stores such as Hobbs, Gerry Webber and many more - some still have their £200 plus labels on. The catering team will be offering non-stop tea and eats. See you there.

November 19th 2011 - Christmas Shopping Day Trip to Norwich.
Another full day of our much loved hobby retail therapy. Anyone wanting to join the trip please contact me on 01359 233435. More details next month.

The months of 2011 are flying by as we start thinking of Christmas trips. Next month I will start writing of the prospective speakers and events for the Jubilee and Olympic year which we plan to make extra special for our members and the wider community.

Mary S Kirby.
Pakenham W.I.