Pakenham WI News - June 2011

Pakenham WI

May 15th 2011 - Food fare at Pakenham Watermill.
It was an absolute pleasure to be part of the watermill's food fare day. The new stall banner looked splendid, the cakes were magnificent and the company great - we had totally sold out by 3.30pm. Many thanks to our baking and selling teams.

June 9th 2011 - Ley Lines and Crystals.
Cosmo Verner was our guest speaker for the evening sharing his love of all things crystal.
We were all given a small piece of rose crystal to hold and asked to let our thoughts roam the universe!!! Quite a strange phenomenon. My immediate thought was please do not let the members fall asleep, fortunately no one did! Cosmo then explained the properties of many gem stones and crystals. I for one had always bought stones for colour and shape, they apparently attract us to them and possess powers of love, hope, healing, courage and many more. Clients are able to undergo meditation and treatments by Cosmo at his shop in Hatter Street. It was an unusual and fascinating subject and a joy to see and feel the wonderful stones.
Refreshments were provided by Bridget, Kate and the team. The main raffle prize - a hair do at Gavin Ashley's - was won by Pam Hunt.

WI 20110609 - Ley Lines and Crystals WI 20110609 - Ley Lines and Crystals WI 20110609 - Ley Lines and Crystals WI 20110609 - Ley Lines and Crystals

June 14th 2011 - Silver Jubilee 2012 Plan Meeting hosted by The Keystage Company.
Pakenham W.I. are joining forces with the history and heritage company Keystage to plan a special memories day of World War 2 as part of the Queen's Jubilee year. It will tell the story of Pakenham's role in the war years culminating in the production of a book to leave for future generations. This meeting is to start the process with ideas to put before the heritage lottery for funding the event.

June 15th 2011 - Strictly Gershwin.
After a few hiccoughs we now have a full coach heading for The Royal Albert Hall on Wednesday afternoon.

June 26th 2011 - National Gardens Open Teas at Squires Gate.
The Yorkshire Tea banners and bunting will be up to herald yet another Pakenham W.I. afternoon of cream teas. The W.I. have disbanded themselves from Yorkshire Tea so we are especially proud to be serving teas backed once again by our favourite Yorkshire firm.
We will be treating the public to 6 hours of non-stop teas.

July 14th 2011 - Annual Garden Party Meeting.
This year's Garden Party meeting will be a picnic on the Pakenham Sports field. Anyone wishing to join in the fun pack your favourite picnic food and head for the pavilion at 7pm.

Forthcoming events:-
Pakenham Summer Fete July 30th.
Trip to Sandringham Flower Show July 27th.
Trip to Althorp August 2nd.
Trip to London to Pygmalion August 25th.
Nearly New Sale October 1st.

Lastly a very important message from us all to Margaret Tipple in Adenbrookes: 'Get well soon Margaret we are all thinking of you and send you lots of love'.

Mary S Kirby.
Pakenham W.I.