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Texas Here We Come! - A Poem by Don Whinney - April 2010

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The Pakenham WI
By Don Whinney - April 2010

"We're going to America,
At least, that's what we'll try."
Said the chairman of the ladies of
The Pakenham WI

They packed their tea and tea pots,
Their aprons that would tie,
Their knives to make the sandwiches,
The Pakenham WI

They left the shores of England,
"We'll be back soon, goodbye."
Said the ladies who do Tiffin,
The Pakenham WI

And so to distant Texas
Where the locals just say "Hi"
Excited, went the ladies of
The Pakenham WI

The Tea was planned and practised,
Their hosts with cakes they'd ply,
They'd make a grand impression,
The Pakenham WI

The day arrived and went, "Real swell!"
Their tea was praised on high.
So home they'd come elated,
The Pakenham WI

But "Just a mo, repeat please,
We're stuck here till July!?"
Oh "Dash" and "Gosh", "We're stranded."
The Pakenham WI

"It seems that dust's the problem,
It's up there in the sky,
No planes to take us homeward."
The Pakenham WI

For days and days it lasted,
The whole world went awry,
Then Ozzy planned a rescue for
The Pakenham WI

She vowed she'd sort the problem,
She never was too shy,
She'd get them home in no time,
The pakenham WI

"We're not just pretty faces",
They joined as one to cry.
We'll clear the dust for England,
The Pakenham WI

They set to work with Hoovers,
With brooms and, my-Oh-my,
They cleaned the place like demons,
The Pakenham WI

And soon the air was dustless,
"Tomorrow, home we fly",
So home they came in triumph,
The Pakenham WI

Once more the world was moving,
And all could heave a sigh,
And who should take the credit?
The Pakenham WI

Their fame is set in legend,
And no-one can deny,
The saviours of the universe are,