Pakenham WI News - 23rd November 2010 - Film Shoot

Pakenham WI

To be shown on BBC2 - 8pm - 29.09.2011

Pakenham W.I. Film Shoot.

Three members of Pakenham W.I. spent today filming their part in the BBC 2 documentary on the life of Mrs Beeton, with cookery presenter Sophie Dahl.

The film shoot of more than 5 hours began in a very austere and bleak field watching Sophie brave the intense cold to feed a neighbour's rather bewildered flock of hens.

After a brief and very welcome break for lunch at the local pub, the team of a seven strong film crew descended on Squires Gate for the important part of the shoot the cooking and rather a lot of girl talk.

We spent the entire afternoon preparing, cooking and the tasting some of Mrs Beeton's well known recipes. We found that our true favourites to cook and digest were those found in the more modern versions of her cookery books. Sophie cooked gingerbread biscuits from a very early version and they were truly disgusting.

It was a great pleasure to work with such a professional and friendly film crew. It will be great to be part of the life story of a young woman who devoted her adult life to inspiring the women of her generation to cook healthy and nutritious food for their families.

Mary S Kirby
President of Pakenham W.I.

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