Pakenham WI News - October 2010

Pakenham WI

October 6th - Committee Dinner at Theobalds.
After a year of very hard work the committee treated themselves to dinner at Theobalds. The food and service was superb and the company excellent it made a pleasant change to spend an entire evening in each others company with not a mention of meetings, events, outings and especially not cooking.!!!!

October 14th - Molfrey French Owen ' How the W.I. Spiced Up my Life '.
I welcomed 33 members and guests to hear this delightful ' jordy ' lady tell us how she became a connoisseur and maker of ginger wine. Not only was the subject fascinating but she herself was a master of conversation adding lots of funny antidotes as she told us of all her experiences of selling everything ginger at craft fairs all over the country. The refreshments provided by Celia, Lesley and Jean were amazing especially a walnut and coffee cake which literally flew off the plates. We enjoyed the company of members of East Harling W.I. and I was so delighted to welcome two more new members; Julie and Susan - really great to have you join us.
It was competition night ' Make an Individual Dessert '. First was me with a raspberry and hazelnut meringue, closely followed by Carole's melon dessert and then Margaret's steam pudding.
An excellent evening in a rather chilly village hall thank - you to everyone for making it so enjoyable.

October 19th - Annual Group Meeting at New Green Community Centre.
We head to Thurston next Tuesday night for the Tredwastre group meeting. After such a hectic year its great to be only providing a raffle this year. Pat will deliver her report on what we have done and attended this year in only a 2 minute slot, difficult as Pakenham have done so much it would fill a book.!!!! I shall be sitting there feeling incredibly proud of what has happened to us all in 2010 and grateful to be part of such a fantastic team.

November 11th - Annual General Meeting.
November's meeting is the only full business meeting of the year; members are asked to approve the new committee then from that committee elect a president for 2011. This year we are starting with a closed meeting to encourage all our members to share their ideas, points of view and grievances before we embark on another hectic year.

December 9th - Christmas Dinner.
This year's dinner moved from November to December is a full Christmas Dinner served in the village hall and cooked by Andrea Davey. I am a very big fan of Andrea's Christmas cooking - her turkey and puddings are the best I have ever tasted. We have an after dinner speaker booked from the world of television so it will be the very best of evenings. Any past members who would like to join us will be most welcome, please contact me on 01359 233435 to book and choose your meal.

December 11th - Over 70's Christmas Tea.
Members thought it would be nice to treat the over 70's in our village to a special Christmas Tea - it will be in the village hall from 2pm to 5pm. Invitations will go out in November to all, we hope to provide the very best of food in festive surroundings accompanied with music by a local band.

I was contacted last week by Oz Clark from the BBC to invite us onto the Hairy Bikers Christmas Show. I was rather honoured and excited at first but after being told it was not teas they needed but Christmas Dinners, became very quiet. We can manage to conjure a superb English Tea at short notice but a full Christmas Dinner in the village hall kitchen is definitely out of our league. I hurriedly declined the offer but promised if we ever returned to America we would be happy to take The Hairy Bikers along for the ride.!!!

I also had the pleasure of contacting Lord Sebastian Coe's P.A. this week regarding Pakenham W.I.'s contribution to the 2012 Olympics; that is another story which I hope to tell next month.

Mary S Kirby
Pakenham W.I.