Pakenham WI News - September 2010

Pakenham WI

19th August - Buckingham Palace.
Sixteen members went on the federation arranged trip to the palace, we had an excellent day. To see the state rooms and displays was amazing to witness the transformation of residence to visitor venue quite something and so tastefully done. We sampled a superb selection of stately cream cakes and then put the world to rights in her majesty's patio cafe. Yet again a splendid day out enhanced by the great company.

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2nd September - Dancing Queen.
We headed off to the Theatre Royal Norwich to see this much acclaimed variety show of the hit music of the 1970's Although not a massive Abba fan it was a good evening and even I did the swaying in my seat routine.!!!!!

9th September - An Inspector Calls.
We were delighted to welcome Assistant Chief Constable Stewart Gull from Suffolk Constabulary. Stewart gave us a very informed insight into his career as a born and bredChief Constable Stewart Gull Suffolk Police Officer with 29 years service having worked from the north of the county in Lowestoft to the south in Haverhill to name but a few. We heard how Stewart was the Senior Investigating Officer in charge of the murders of five women in Ipswich in December 2006. He spoke sensitively about the case and at the end of the presentation we had a better understanding of how this well publicised piece of criminal history, that touched so many lives in this region, impacted on the professional and personal life of this dedicated officer. [Carol Cordell]
(I was away in Hampshire that evening at my daughters side as she gave birth to my premature grandson Oliver. My thanks go to Bridget and the team who organised the evening.)

14th October - How the W.I. Spiced up my Life.
Molfry French-Owen joins us for the evening for a talk with a spicy ginger flavour. Our guests for the evening are the ladies of East Harling W.I. If you would like to join us for what will be an excellent evening it starts at 7.30 pm. The competition is make an individual fruit dessert.

19th October - Group Meeting at Thurston Green.
This is the yearly get together of the W.I.'s in the Tredwastre Group. Pakenham is responsible for the raffle this year. The speaker for the evening is/are a group of singers.!!!!!

That's all my news for this month my thanks go again to my fantastic team for their help and caring for me and my beloved daughter as we went through the trauma of her son's early birth. We give our all to the W.I. but first and foremost we are mums, grannies and wives and that takes priority in all our lives.

Mary S Kirby.
Pakenham W.I.