Pakenham WI News - June 2010

Pakenham WI

May 20th - Tea time in Texas Story in Pakenham Village Hall.
Members and guests gathered in the village hall to hear the inside story of our adventure to Texas. The talk was illustrated by our newly purchased lap top computer projector. Bridget and I being novices at lap top technology struggled at first to combine speech with pictures, the audience totally unaware of any problems thoroughly enjoyed the evening. The food was a sample of the delicious cakes from the Tea Time day plus a rather scrumptious birthday cake for Barry Harvey's 60th birthday. We have now got all the right programs running and are poised and ready to launch into the speaker circuit on the 15th June, cakes are not part of the deal.!!!!! (Please click images below to enlarge)

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June 6th - Open Gardens.
The W.I. team took over the village hall side of the day. The culinary team donned frilly aprons once more and served an excellent hot lunch of jacket potatoes with a range of fillings, followed by an afternoon of non stop cream teas. One customer announced they were the best she had ever tasted. The cake and trading stall were operated by the W.I. and we were joined by The Cats Protection League & The Air Ambulance, both with stalls, and The Open Gardens team running the raffle etc. The atmosphere in the hall was fabulous and can I say what a pleasure it was to work with everyone in perfect harmony, all the village joining forces. Richard, Jane, Julie and Cliff arranged a perfect open gardens day, congratulations to all.

June 10th - Flowers for Thickies.
Thirty six members took their places in the village hall class room to arrange flowers alongside expert flower arranger Julia Eeles. It was an excellent evening with even the very novice flower arrangers such as Ilse and Maggie producing a floral extravaganza suitable for the best dinner table.!!!!
The winning arrangement was by Frances Thompson, Pam Hunt came second and Diane Townsend third. The names and points go forward to this years Hilda Phillips cup. It was a great evening, not only informative but great fun; for example ' plunge the rose in boiling water for 20 seconds ' had audience responses of ' what all of it '.!!! Our grateful thanks to Julia - great to have your company. Welcome back Leslie Ann.
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June 15th - Tea Time in Texas Story at East Harling.
Our first step on the local speaker circuit. Our computer programme is all updated to power point, our baseball hats newly arrived from the States at the ready and our bag of Texas memorabilia packed and bulging, all that will be missing are the cakes and for that evening pictures will have to suffice.
Poster - WI - An English Tea
The Tea Time In Texas book is in the hands of Premier Printers and the layout of fifty pages is complete. It tells the entire story and features all the recipes, plus fabulous illustrations and pictures. We are awaiting its SBN number and copyright and it will then retail in the U.K. and U.S.A. with proceeds to Help for Heroes and the American equivalent. (Please click image to left to enlarge)

July 8th - Barbeque at Squires Gate.
We hope the Gods will look down on us this year with good weather. This function usually attracts thunder storms, torrential rain or freezing temperatures. The barbeque will be cooked and provided by the committee - the members will bring the salad accompaniments and desserts. It will be a good evening and a welcome change from the village hall.

28th July - Sandringham Flower Show.
We have five non member seats on the coach at £17 each if any one would like to join us for the day. We shall be calling at Kings Lynn retail park on the way home, Pakenham W.I. likes to end the day with a little bit of retail therapy!

2nd September - Dancing Queen.
We have spare seats on the coach to Norwich for this glittering evening musical performance, contact Mary Kirby on 01359 233 435 if you would like to join us.

We will be happy to loan our new computer projector to anyone who needs or has the knowledge to use it - contact Mary or Bridget.

Mary S Kirby.
Pakenham W.I.