Pakenham WI News - March 2010

Pakenham WI

February 25th 2010 - Les Miserables
Thirteen members went to see the touring London production of this long running musical. It was absolutely fabulous !!!! we all loved it.In the lead role was Gareth Gates he was brilliant as were all his comrades. The scenery was unbelievable, incredible what can be achieved on a rural theatre stage. Jean George organised the excursion, could we do it again Jean please.!!!!

March 11th 2010 - The Art and Design of Topiary
Yet another brilliant speaker and evening. Thirty three of us sat absolutely riveted and totally silent to hear Steve Manning our local topiary expert talk on this very clever and fascinating subject. He told us the story of his successful business, how he made these life like wire skeleton structures filled originally with live greenery and now with artificial green to hurry along the finished article. What a very clever man, a true artist.
After a delicious tea with cakes made by Kate, Molly and Kay, we all went home to sharpen our shears and clippers to begin the total transformation our hedges and bushes in true Steve Manning style.

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March 20th 2010 - Spivs and Spam
The culinary team are poised and ready to give forty customers a feast in true 1940's style. The hall will be transformed for one night only to resemble a war time venue and we hope to prove that with very little rations it was still possible to have a great meal and a fun evening out with friends.

March 27th 2010 - Pakenham Parish Plan - Open Afternoon.
The culinary team are producing non stop teas and cakes for the village. The fare will include some of the delicacies that will be served in Texas.

April 8th 2010 - Reflexology
Trisha and Amy, the two bee keeping friends, make a welcome return return to this months meeting. Trisha will talk and demonstrate the art of reflexology then both girls will give us a bee keeping update. The girls captured the hearts of a visiting W.I. and all our members with their passion and love of bees last May - we are delighted to have them back. This is the last meeting before Tea Time In Texas. I.T.V. join us for the evening as part of their TV coverage for the trip.

April 14th 2010 - Departure for Tea Time In Texas
Coverage of our adventure can be found on the web site - click Pakenham W.I. The site will be updated daily from The States with film, piccies and reports to enable the British firms supporting the venture, local news media, family and friends to follow the story as it evolves. From humble beginnings this is now big news on both sides of the Atlantic. There is great excitement across the pond for an event which will be an absolute first in the U.S.A. We are proud and delighted to be taking the good name of English food and cooking and still find it hard to believe that months of planning are about to become reality.

May 20th 2010 - Tea Time in Texas 7.30pm - Pakenham Village Hall
This is an open meeting to tell the story of our Tea Time in Texas adventure.

Wow, have we got a lot to look forward to !!!!!

Mary S Kirby
Pakenham W.I.