Pakenham WI News - January 2010

Pakenham WI

Thursday January 14th 2010- My War in Afghanistan
Over 100 people braved the cold and fog to attend this remarkable meeting. The hall was decked in union flags and camouflage netting to create the correct atmosphere !!!

The commander of Aviation at Wattisham, David Turner, spoke first telling the story of Wattisham's role in aviation history then he enlightened us into the fantastic role today's army personnel and their Apache flying machines play. All the information relayed via a large screen on the stage, absolutely riveting we felt incredibly privileged to be given this insight into the workings of our modern day military force.

After a tea, coffee and the now routine W.I. amazing cakes refreshment break, the star turn of the evening shedule took over. Captain Jim Trayhurn one of the army's young apache helicopter pilots told us the story of his recent tour in Afghanistan illustrated with fantastic film footage of the true work our young guys are doing in this war torn hostile terrain. Where they live, work, wash, feed, sleep and relax from what he said very little of the latter. He was a delightful and dedicated young man who must have caused his mum no end of worry during his overseas tour, out weighed by the most enormous pride she felt for him.

My contact for the organisation of the evening was Royston Dunk an absolute delight to work with and the most professional organiser I have ever met. We owe an enormous debt of gratitude to all three men and hope to have the pleasure of meeting them again in the future. Naturally we are now on stand by to supply any catering skills they may require preferably not in Afghanistan !!!!
The evening was free but the generous audience donated £550 to Help for Heroes, many thanks to everyone.

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Thursday February 11th 2010 - Jo Pitt - Deputy Director of the Vote
Jo joins us to tell of her life and work in the House Of Commons Jo very kindly organised our trip to Westminster last year and is February's speaker to tell us of the history our seat of government.

Thursday February 25th 2010 - Les Miserables
We are theatre bound again this time to see the touring production of Les Miserables at the Theatre Royal, Norwich.

English Tea in Texas
We served the most superb English tea to the visiting American group last May, they were terribly appreciative and at the time requested a repeat performance. We were extremely flattered and naturally agreed. To our absolute amazement we have been invited to Fort Worth Texas for the repeat performance in either May or April. After not much thought  my team of expert caterers and waitresses have agreed to go so watch this space as its Texas here we come.!!!!

The New year has started as far more of an adventure than I could ever have imagined, goodness knows what the rest of the year holds in store.

Mary Kirby
Pakenham W.I.