Pakenham History : The Pedigree of the Pakenham Family

Hanging in St. Mary's Church is this beautifully executed pedigree of the Pakenham family. Commencing with Walter who built the church in Pakenham in the year 1100 and who is believed to be buried in the wall of the nave on the south side, the pedigree carries on through the many branches of the family.

More information may be found in the book Pakenham - Village of Two Mills by N.R. Whitwell.

Pedigree of the Pakenham Family
Below, compiled from the large parchment hanging in the church, is a 'computerised' version of the tree enabling all to enjoy and appreciate the incredible work initially undertaken to produce the Pedigree of the Pakenham family. Please download pakenham_pedigree.pdf (4.72MB) to view in detail and pakenhamPedigree_A4x26pages.pdf (3.55MB) if you wish to printout and join together all the A4 pages!