Pakenham WI News - March 2021

Pakenham WI

As a partial lockdown edges ever closer thank goodness, we had a lot to discuss at this month’s committee meeting. BelieveAs ever it was just so great to meet up face to face, a brilliant opportunity to put on a bit of lipstick and a smarter top. Also to marvel at each other’s newer longer hair styles !!!

Sadly the April, May and June meetings are cancelled, but the May AGM to elect a new president and committee will be amalgamated into the July Garden Party supper. This will enable members to personally elect a committee and president of their choice.

Our Annual Garden party supper and now AGM will take place in July in the grounds of Ponderosa, my grateful thanks to Lisa and John.

We have a new speaker for November Charles Garland postponed from March has kindly agreed to take the slot to tell of his wonderful career in TV and film producing.

Our first indoor meeting guest speaker of 2021 will be our friend and fashion designer Amanda Sutherland, who delights our retail therapy needs with a fabulous sales table of her latest creations.

We have decided as a committee, to forgo the member’s subscription contribution to our institute this year and charge only the National and Local Federation fee cutting the annual subscription by almost half. Brilliant news for everyone.

Alpaca EveningIt seems such a long time since the last indoor normal WI meeting, which was the memorable alpaca evening, when the amazing creatures were let loose in the village hall.

We still have to take up the invitation to pay them a visit in their home.

My grateful thanks go to my wonderful committee and team who have been a tremendous support over the past year enabling me to keep our wonderful organisation ticking over.

Keep safe, keep well, and keep smiling.

Mary S Kirby