Pakenham WI News - February 2021

Pakenham WI

PAKENHAM WI 100th birthday
My grateful thanks to everyone for their birthday wishes, in response to the Birthday banner appearing on Facebook. Every WI member was presented with a commemorative pen to mark the occasion. The commemorative bench and plaque will be presented to the village at a later date when all pandemic restrictions are lifted.

FEBRUARY 9th 2021 – Monthly Zoom committee meeting
Our monthly meeting was very enjoyable and as always just so great to discuss the month’s events face to face. Where would we be without Zoom!!!

We were sorry to hear that the WI we had hoped to twin with in Canada to mark our 100th birthday had disbanded, which was the reason no contact could be made. Our only foreign option is to join with Pakenham in Australia.

Our next two meetings are cancelled but we hope to go with the April Macmillan guest speaker in some form, even if it is on Zoom.

We were delighted to receive pictures from our cancelled February speaker John Williams of his latest BSE carvings.

All committee members were keen to show our appreciation of post office Barbara’s massive contribution to the village over the last difficult year.

WI 2021 Commemorative Pen 2021 - John William's carvings

Keep safe, keep well and keep warm.

Mary S Kirby