Pakenham WI News - March 2017

Pakenham WI

March 9th 2017 – Hearing Dogs For The Deaf
Margo Henderson and Pebbles joined us for the evening to talk and demonstrate the work of hearing dogs. They both gave us a fascinating insight into how a deaf person’s world and life can be greatly improved by an amazing canine companion. This wonderful lady and her brilliant little dog were wonderful advocates for the Hearing Dog charity.

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Jo Salter and her daughter Lydia were delighted and grateful to collect the amazing amount of goods donated for the homeless by members and village residents.
The Tea Team were Beryl and Marion, thanks ladies for the lovely eats

March 18th 2017 – Love Where You Live Litter Pick
This year’s much needed village spring clean kicks off at the village hall at 9am returning to the hall for hot drinks and bacon butties generously supplied by the village café team. Many thanks to everyone.

April 13th 2017 – Holloway Prison
Another first for Pakenham WI, when we welcome Kathy Allen as guest speaker, to tell of her life and role as a volunteer helper at the notorious women’s Holloway prison.

April 26th 2017 – Visit To Hillcrest Nursery
We were delighted to accept the kind evening invitation of Hillcrest Nurseries to watch a hanging basket demonstration, to plant, shop and enjoy their refreshments.

Mary S Kirby