Pakenham WI News - March 2014

Pakenham WI

I would like to start by totally denying the rumours that Pakenham WI is moving out of the village hall. The hall has been our home and postal address since 1921, the heart of our beloved village and where we will always belong.

March 4th – 25th 2014 - IT Clinics at New Green Thurston.
We chose New Green to hold our IT Clinics because our own hall does not have a wireless hub (no lap top or I Pad connection facility) and because the hire charge was cheaper. The clinics are going extremely well, Steve Gage is a delightful and patient tutor. We managed to blow the entire system the first week with a mega over load of 16 devices. Fortunately Steve was the centre’s repairman so he soon put the situation to rights, when called out the next day!.

March 5th 2014 - Inspiring Women Conference Peterborough.
Myself and 489 other presidents attended this unique WI conference, circulating different venues throughout the UK over a period of two weeks. It was truly inspirational to meet presidents from Suffolk, Norfolk, Northamptonshire, Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire. I learnt a great deal and was delighted that my view of the organisations friendship and fun policy was shared by so many other like minded women.

March 13th 2014 - For the Love of Donkeys.
20140313 - For the Love of DonkeysLiz Wright joined us for the evening to share her passion and work with donkeys. 20140313 - Donkey SanctuaryLike so many of our recent speakers it was delightful to listen to a woman so very passionate of these beautiful creatures.Homes are urgently needed, I would love to adopt, but River Cottage has no room for two donkeys and I fear even if it had my husband would object in a spectacular way. He tolerates my love of all things duck but anything bigger would be a big no, no. If anyone has space for two of these wonderful animals please give me a ring and I will pass the contact details on.
The T team Sue, Barbara and Lynda provided delicious cakes, thank you girls. The paint a piece of pottery competition was won by Ann Walker Fraser, with the most incredible and beautifully painted jug. Val Dorling with a snowdrop dish and Kate Mackenzie with an exquisite green spot jug came joint second. Thanks everyone it was a great evening many apologies for the speaker business switch round.

Coming up ...

April 8th 2014 - Wattisfield Pottery Buffet Supper and Talk.
We are delighted to have been invited to the Henry Watson Gift Shop for supper, a talk on the history of the much loved and internationally retailed Charlotte Watson pottery range and a shopping spree in the shop.

April 10th 2014 - The Work and History of the NSPCC.
Laura Gibson joins us for the evening to tell of the important work of this well- known national charity. In the light of the Jimmy Savile scandal and the many recent child cruelty cases, it seemed topical and appropriate that we included the subject into this year's programme. Although we are not able to fundraise for the charity many of us as individuals help by attending the excellent 3 monthly NSPCC Lunches organised by Susie Dove at Ravenswood Hall and hopefully Laura will inspire other members to join us.

The Flower and Produce Show schedule is published on the Events page.
Enjoy your spring digging, sowing and seed planting, we look forward to seeing the results of all your hard work in August.

Our very best wishes go to Muriel Finch who is in hospital after a fall. Get well soon.

Mary S Kirby