Pakenham WI News - September 2011

Pakenham WI

August 25th 2011 - Pygmalion.
I was one of the lucky 21 people booked to see this wonderful production. After a very smooth and uncomplicated journey ( Adrian was on holiday ) then a delightful meal with 3 very good friends we arrived at The Garrick on time. In a magical old theatre ringing with the sounds of passing tube trains we watched Kara Toynton and Alistair McGowan at their very best, perform this super play. An unforgettable evening. Can we do it again soon please Tracy.

September 8th 2011 - Drug Addiction and Rehabilitation.
Chip Sommers joined members for the evening to give a talk and presentation on this worrying and serious subject.
I understand we were joined by several new members, which is extremely gratifying to me and the rest of the committee as we have worked so hard to promote and ensure that this year's programme of events and speakers has been the best ever.

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Telegraph Review - What to Watch - Mrs Beaton - BBC2 - 29.09.2011September 14th 2011 - Transmission of Mrs Beeton documentary.
Carol and I heard on Monday that the long awaited documentary myself, Carol and Janet filmed last year (Pakenham WI - Film Shoot 23.11.2010) was about to go on air. Since then however there has been no mention in the TV listings so its anybodys guess when we are going to see this production. !!!!.
Edit - this will now be shown on Thursday 29th September - BBC2 at 8pm - as per listing in the Telegraph Review. Please click image for details.

Coming up:-

October 13th 2011 - The Art of Holly Wreath Making.
Simon White joins us for the evening to demonstrate the clever and prickly art of holly wreath making. Christmas is coming.

October 18th 2011 - Tredwastre Group Meeting
This annual meeting at Thurston Green enables the institutes of our group to join forces to share their year's news. For the first time this year Pakenham will show a Tracy Martin spectacular film show 'A Year In The Life of Pakenham W.I.'.

November 19th 2011 - Christmas Shopping in Norwich
There are 7 seats left on this day trip to Norwich. We hope to call at Thetford Garden Centre on the return journey to visit their superb Christmas section and have a cup of tea. Anyone wanting a seat please phone 01359 233435.

Events planned for 2012.
My application for a heritage lottery grant for the Keystage / Jubilee World War 2 project has now been submitted - 18 pages of complex form filling. Thanks to all the lovely people who helped the application with super support declarations and letters. We now sit back and wait for 10 weeks with fingers tightly crossed.

February 9th 2012 - Missing People Appeal Evening.
The mother of missing child Luke Durbin joins us for the evening to tell her heartbreaking story of the 5 year search to find her beloved son. This charity helping the families of missing children desperately needs the publics help and support. I passionately believe that we can help in some small way with this open meeting which we will publicise nearer the time.

Thank you to Rosemary and all my team for a highly successful September meeting in my absence, as always super team work.

Mary S Kirby.
Pakenham W.I.