Pakenham WI News - February 2011

Pakenham WI

February 10th 2011 - Steve Cuthbert ( Factory Manager of British Sugar )
After the routine business section of the meeting we were delighted to welcome Steve Cuthbert the manager of the Bury St Edmunds Sugar Beet Factory. We were all fascinated by his talk and totally amazed at what a versatile and money making little crop the beet is. He explained the entire process from field to silver spoon sugar bag including all the money making by-products along the way. The soil removed creates the fertile top soil, the lime product is sold to fertilise the fields, the animal feed for the livestock and even the wonderful stones from the loads sold to garden centres.. Who would have believed so much could be taken from those dirty little beet we see being transported daily on our counties roads. Steve was an interesting and responsive speaker who held our members spell bound and quiet for over an hour, thanks Julie for such a brilliant guy. We look forward to witnessing the process ourselves when Steve escorts us round the factory later in the year.
After a short refreshment break, thanks to the excellent goodies made by Pat, Cath and Kay, we proceeded to the second treat of the evening. Our resident photographer Tracy had produced a film show plus music of two years in the life of Pakenham W.I. due for release to the outside world later this year.!!!!! For the second time in one evening the members were riveted to their seats. It was brilliant and so nice to see what a busy, fun loving and food producing outfit Pakenham W.I. has become. We welcomed yet another new member so we must be doing something right when so many local institutes are struggling to survive. Thanks to all for such a great evening.

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March 8th 2011 - NSPCC Ladies Who Lunch at Ravenswood.
We eagerly await the second lunch at Ravenswood Hall - this month's speaker is Craig Jarvis who will recount his recent experiences to raise funds for children's charities. The meal of Baked Salmon looks delicious.

March 9th 2011 - Visit to The Army Air Corps at Wattisham.
This long awaited visit booked up instantly and we look forward to renewing our acquaintance with the brave young men who we met at last year's My War in Afghanistan. The evening visit enabling our working members to attend includes a visit to the museum, a hanger presentation and refreshments. Watch this space next month to hear our story.

March 10th 2011 - Abigail Crampton On the Art Of Millinery.
This talented young woman joins us for the evening to demonstrate the art of hat making.
The competition is decorate a hat.!!!!

March 24th 2011 - Parish Plan Meeting.
We are back in our frilly pinnies to cater for this village event.

April 11th 2011 - Harrogate Sleepover.
After a tour of the factory and blending rooms then afternoon tea at Bettys in Harlow Carr Gardens, sixteen of us are footloose and fancy free to sample the delights of Harrogate. The next day we are off for a substantial dose of retail therapy first at Batley Mill near Yeadon and after a lunch break on to a designer retail park at Grantham. Its all a brilliant excuse for a girlie two days away, full of nonstop chatter and a lot of fun.

April 27th 2011 - Lilies on the Land at Cambridge Arts Theatre.
Its never ending.!!! We are off again this time to see this much acclaimed play about four land girls at the Cambridge Arts Theatre. There will be a coach from Pakenham - tickets cost £17.00 plus coach fare - anyone wishing to join us is most welcome, please contact me for more details.

June 15th 2011 - Strictly Gershwin at The Royal Albert.
Another much awaited trip to hear the amazing music of Gershwin. I was lucky enough to be at the performance last year and it was the most memorable evening of orchestra music, ballet and strictly dance performers. This costs £26.40 plus coach fare and we hope to leave at lunch time to have yet another retail therapy opportunity with return to Pakenham by 12.15 am.

As always a busy time ahead.

Mary S Kirby.
Pakenham W.I.