Pakenham WI News - January 2011

Pakenham WI

7th December 2010 - NSPCC Lunch at Ravenswood.
Five members and lots of my personal friends attended this excellent lunch at Ravenswood Hall. My congratulations to Susie Dove who organised the event and raised over £1000.00 for this magnificent cause. The next lunch is on March 8th at the same venue - anyone who would like to attend can contact me on 01359233435 and I can give further details.

11th December 2010 - The Over 70's Tea.
Lovely, lovely event, we were sightly disappointed with the attendance numbers, but for those who did join us the food was delicious, the pianist excellent and the company great.
Thanks the team for their hard work serving and cooking.

9th December 2010 - Christmas Dinner.
Almost the entire membership sat down to this years Christmas Dinner. The food and service was superb, thanks to Andrea Davey and her wonderful team. The after dinner speaker was Malcolm Robertson, Anglia Television's ace reporter, who has become a dear friend and supporter since the Tea Time in Texas adventure. He told us of his work and showed a film of his team's TV bloomers over the years. He very kindly donated his fee to the Help For Heroes fund, what a brilliant guy !!!

WI Christmas Dinner 20101209 WI Christmas Dinner 20101209 WI Christmas Dinner 20101209 WI Christmas Dinner 20101209
WI Christmas Dinner 20101209 WI Christmas Dinner 20101209 WI Christmas Dinner 20101209

13th January - 90th Birthday : Pakenham WI 1921 - 2011.
Over 45 members of Pakenham W.I. and many invited guests gathered in the village hall on Thursday 13th January to celebrate the institute's 90th birthday. The evening commenced with wine and canapés, followed by a jovial and enlightening talk on how to change your life by American born Linda Scoles. Ilse Snowdon, who was celebrating her 85th birthday that day, cut an amazing cake (not made by our W.I.’s internationally famous culinary team who for one meeting only were taking a well earned rest). The president paid tribute to her predecessor Emily Cooper; a strong and highly respected woman originally from Essex who ran the Pakenham institute from 1921 to 1946 involving the group in many rural and community projects throughout the war.
The organisation was formed to motivate and inspire women, to revitalise rural communities and invite them to become more involved in producing food. Our own motto for today’s modern organisation is one of caring, fun and friendship giving our support to the community when ever and to who ever it is required.
The competition to match the beautiful baby to today’s attractive member was won by Lynn Pearl.
The evening ended with a champagne toast to Pakenham W.I. and the next 90 years, the culmination of which I sadly will not witness. Hopefully the 2101 president will have our records to pass on to that generation and who knows I could be looking down from on high watching the celebrations !!!! (More photos in the Gallery)

WI Christmas Dinner 20101209 WI Christmas Dinner 20101209 WI Christmas Dinner 20101209
WI Christmas Dinner 20101209 WI Christmas Dinner 20101209 WI Christmas Dinner 20101209

February 10th 2011 - Steve Cuthbert The Secret Life of The Sugarbeet Factory.
Steve the manager of the Bury St Edmunds Sugarbeet factory joins us for the evening to tell us the inner most secrets of how the beet is turned into the white sugar we all use on a daily basis.

April 11th 2011 - Harrogate Sleepover.
The Harrogate trip is now booked and 16 of us are off to this beautiful Yorkshire town for two days. After a trip to see the Yorshire Tea factory and blending rooms the firm are treating us to tea at the famous Betty's cafe. Its a very nostalgic trip for me as Harrogate played an important part of my childhood it was my mothers family home where many happy times were spent in school holidays, my first return in 45 years.

We continue to attract new members monthly - if you would like to join Februarys meeting as a guest or prospective member please come along, it starts at 7.30pm.

Mary S Kirby
Pakenham W.I.