Pakenham WI News - Texas Here We Come! - Part 3

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Texas Here We Come! - Part 3 - 10.03.2010
I.T.V. rang last night and they have decided to cover the entire story starting at April's W.I. meeting, then the packing of cases and the Norwich airport departure. We will not look our best at the crack of dawn so the big question will be; shall we stay up all night?!

Tickets for the event were due to go on sale next week; the girls across the pond have already pre sold 113 which is amazing as the original number was 100!!!!! We asked for a pianist to play Elgar style music ( to be like The Ritz ) and now with offers of a pianist, a harpist and a cellist we are well on the way to having an orchestra....

We shall be selling the special brand of Suffolk Tea generously supplied by Butterworth's
of Bury St Edmunds, at The Corn Exchange on March 23rd to acquaint the W.I. with its unique flavour and to raise funds to help with travelling expenses. This is a fantastic gesture by the firm and we are delighted and very grateful to be taking this extra special tea across the Atlantic, a little gift from Suffolk for our American friends.

We have a meeting on Friday to discuss the finer points of the food transportation and who's doing what and what we need to do it with. This has to be logistically organised or we could end up with six matching scone cutters and no baking powder. The cup cake tins will be distributed through out the suitcases, not to mention cake cases, decorations and every cooking tool under the sun. Let's hope Fort Worth customs are fully au fait with our special tea time in Texas adventure....

We still find it hard to believe this event is about to become a reality and feel very flattered that so many so far away are eagerly awaiting the experience of An English Tea in Texas. I would like to thank Ann Harvey who set up this web site, enabling all our supporters to be part of this amazing adventure.
To be continued ----

Mary S Kirby
Pakenham W.I.