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Texas Here We Come! - Part 1 - 06.03.2010
Running a very active and busy W.I. in rural Suffolk, over the past two years we have gained an excellent reputation for our catering skills and have been in great demand for all local functions. These have included suppers, dinners, wakes, lunches, cream teas and full English teas, the latter being the most popular.

WI 20100114Last spring (2009) we were booked to provide an english tea for 60 American visitors that we prepared and served in great style at our local country mansion. The Americans loved it, in fact went into raptures over the tea, food and waitress service. They asked if we would do a repeat performance. Naturally we were very flattered and said yes. (Please click image to enlarge.)

To our complete amazement we have been asked to go to the U.S.A., Fort Worth in Texas, to do the repeat performance and teach the American women how to do it the english way !!!! The accommodation and food expenses will be met by our hosts, we would need to pay the travel costs ourselves.

This is a massive undertaking for a rural W.I.; to cook prepare and serve a typically English tea by popular demand thousands of miles from home.

We leave the U.K. on April 14th and return on 21st April. The coverage by the press and television media has attracted interest from many firms who are keen for us to take their names to America. We now have the support of not only local firms but also bigger well known names such as Yorkshire Tea, Waitrose, and the airline K.L.M.

This is the story of our epic tea time adventure in W.I. Life. There is great excitement and publicity in Texas as it is not every day a team of nine british housewives responds to such an amazing invitation.

The team being 4 working girls; Bridget (a mum with 4 teenage kids), an occupational therapist; Carol (a mum with 3 teenagers), a hospital secretary; Carole (the only unmarried girl), a seamstress; and Janet (the baby of the team), a domestic science teacher. The other 5 are housewives, mums and grannies; Marion, Rosemary, Miriam, Pat and myself.

Mary S Kirby
Pakenham W.I.

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