Pakenham WI News - August 2010

Pakenham WI

July 28th - Trip to Sandringham Flower Show.
Twenty eight of us had a fabulous day at the Sandringham Flower Show some managed a near view of their Royal Highnesses some preferred to concentrate on plant, bag , shoe and hat buying. We called at Jaeger in Kings Lynn on the way home where the intrepid shoppers found more bargains at this discount establishment. It was a great day, many thanks to Jean George for another beautifully organised excursion.

July 31st - Summer Fete.
We joined forces with Max and the church team to stage this years summer fete, Max doing the majority of the organisation and what a splendid job he did. After a dodgy start weather wise the afternoon dawned sunny and warm and a good time was had by all who took part. It was a pleasure to work with all the other village organisations and we look forward to a repeat next year.

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August 12th - The Cats Protection League.
This months speaker was Penny Aldborough from the Cats Protection League she gave us a fascinating insight into the work of this society and the habits and history of our beloved cat. The business section evening provided members with a debate on how we should fund raise and what we should spend the income on. There were various views on the subject highlighting the need for a meeting to allow all our members to air their views.

An English Tea in Texas.
The book has been on sale for 3 weeks and has so far sold 200 copies with an order of over a 100 pending for transit to the States. For me it has been a nerve racking eye opener on the pit falls of writing a book and donating its proceeds to a national charity. We have had the most amazing support from all over the country and as the book was written to inspire women to take advantage of all challenges they are offered I feel it was all worth it.
My next book will be titled How to Write a Book and How You Publish and Sell It.!!!!

The Fashion Show.
Owing to the drama of the book I have decided to abstain from any fund raising venture for the foreseeable future therefore the Autumn Fashion Show has been cancelled. All the designer clothes collected for the show have been given to the St. Nicholas Hospice warehouse to be distributed through out the shops.

September 2nd - Dancing Queen
The coach is now full for the evening trip to the Theatre Royal Norwich for this highly recommended show.

September 9th - An Inspector Calls.
Inspector Stuart Gull joins us for the evening to tell us of his role in the police force.

Yet another busy month please contact any member of the W.I. if you would like to join us for the evening as a guest or a new member we would love your company.

Mary S Kirby.
Pakenham W.I.