Pakenham WI News - April 2010

Pakenham WI

March 20th 2010 - Spivs and Spam Supper.
Thirty people enjoyed this war time experience with great food, excellent company and old time music played by our local disc jockey Eric Manning. Many people wore costume of the time and even the village hall was suitably attired in war time bunting.

March 27th 2010 - The Parish Plan Open meeting.
The W.I. culinary team suitable dressed in pre Texas aprons served a delicious afternoon tea to fifty village residents. Many thanks to the Parish Plan committee for their kind donation of £20 for W.I. funds. (Photos on Texas Part 4 and Pakenham Parish Plan 27.03.2010 pages.)

April 8th 2010 - Reflexology Demonstration.
After a two hour film shoot the committee joined all the members for a televised W.I. meeting. It was requested that we start the proceedings with Jerusalem not the norm these days but the girls delighted the TV crew with an excellent rendition. We had decked the hall in union flags to give a very British feel to the evening. During the business section the audience were introduced to the nine intrepid travellers heading for Texas and received an insight into the rather unusual contents of our suitcases. Gone the clothes and underwear replaced by the cooking essentials such as bun tins, ground almonds and scone cutters.!!!!
The speakers for the evening were Amy and Trisha, the two girls who captured our hearts last year with their beekeeping passion. After a bee update from Amy, Trisha gave a talk and demonstration on reflexology.
The refreshments were extra special a little taste of next weeks American tea. Many thanks to the cooks Janet, Rosemary, Ros and Frances's daughter.
The members will be able to relive the evening on ITV next Wednesday evening (14.04.2010).

Tea Time In Texas. 14th April to 21st April 2010.
The nine strong culinary team fly out on April 14th in front of TV cameras and land at Dallas Fort Worth to be met by CBS American Television Network. We have a very hectic schedule but eagerly await the excitement of this unique experience. It will be fantastic to meet up with all the lovely people who visited our village last year.

May 9th 2010 - Sale Trail.
This will take place in the afternoon, the team will be serving non stop teas in the village hall.

May 11th 2010 - A Full English Tea.
The team have been booked to serve a full English Tea for 28 members of Gayton W.I. visiting the area from Kings Lynn.

May 13th 2010 - Resolution Meeting at Great Ashfield.
The members of Great Ashfield and Badwell Ash are our hosts for the evening to discuss this years resolution Food Labelling to be put before HM Government in June.

May 20th 2010 - Pakenham Village Hall at 7.30pm.
Every one is invited to hear the Tea Time In Texas story, to sample the cakes made, to see the pictures and hear of our adventures in America, well most of them as some may forever remain W.I. secrets.!!!!

Mary S Kirby.
Pakenham W.I.