Pakenham Parish Council Minutes 27th April 2016


Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday, 27th April 2016
at 7.30pm in the Village Hall

Present: Cllr Painter (Chair), Cllr Bagnell, Cllr Brookman, Cllr Davey, Cllr Dorling, Cllr Palfrey and Cllr Sidebotham
Five Members of the public were in attendance.
Mrs S Brown (clerk) took the minutes.

1 - Record Councillors' apologies for absence: All in attendance

2 - Declarations of interest:
Declaration of interest received from Cllr Brookman in respect of item 15i

3 - County Councillor's report:-
Cllr Hopfensperger attended and gave her report which included: A brief discussion of the recent Highways site visit and set up/role of the Highways department. All highway defects should be reported via the SCC website each item will then received a reference number and this enables repairs/actions to be tracked. All councillors to go through the clerk for reporting highway items to SCC. SCC currently consulting on Suffolk Academy Trusts. The date set to look at Devolution is the 30th June. Cllr Dorling advised the service from BT Openreach high speed broadband connection was very poor and asked for it to be reported. Cllr Hopfensperger advised in the future SCC will have a member, Cllr Jane Storey, responsible for broadband provision and rural issues. Cllr Hopfensperger to chase the outstanding pot hole on Brand Road opposite Westview as the works have still not been completed.
Borough Councillors report:-
Cllr Brown attended and gave his report which included: The West Suffolk Operational Hub consultation was now completed and the report will be published, St Edmundsbury to vote on it 28th June. Newbury House progressing with clearing the front lawn. Havebury Housing Cllr Brown had pushed to get action. Cllr Brown advised a resident of a commercial property in Ixworth had made a formal complaint about the kebab van on Bury Road and Cllr Brown would be meeting the complainant to discuss the issue. Council discussed the issue of the kebab van asking why St Edmundsbury or Suffolk County Council could not resolve the issue. The Council to draft a letter asking why nothing further was being done and whether yellow lines or bollards could be used. Cllr Dorling advised building rubble had been deposited on land opposite the pumping station in Grimestone End Cllr Brown to investigate as Council felt there was a need to serve an enforcement notice. Cllr Sidebotham reported cars had been using the car park at the playing fields for 'doughnuts' Cllr Brown to report.
Public Forum:-
It was advised the outdoor theatre to take place on 9th July it was asked if the parish council could cut the grass in preparation. Council advised Mr Spicer had asked previously to arrange this cut.

4 - To consider the approval of the minutes of the last meetings:-
The minutes of the meetings held on 23rd March were approved and signed as a true record.

5 - Matters arising from previous meeting:-
i. Affordable Housing: The clerk circulated the update received from Havebury Housing and read it out to the meeting. Council discussed which included: Possibly 12 small units and would prefer these built over two phases of x6 and x6. Would need to get the land independently valued. A village meeting to discuss the issue after receiving the planning comments. Concerns with the need to replace allotment land. Concern over 'right to buy' restrictions needed to give priority for residents from Pakenham. Cllr Brookman felt feedback to Havebury should include a need for a professional proposal for example what are Havebury doing to the roadway and the banking of the sides of The Dell etc. Council wanted to know if Havebury did not wish to carry this out to let them know. Council agreed for the Clerk to write to Havebury Housing asking, in the first instance, for a full appraisal of the site and a proposal to the parish council meeting of the 22nd June 2016 including how they see the tenure working, reiterating the need for two phases of x6 & x6 and if this is impractical to let the parish council know and informing them if the parish council do not receive the proposal they will go to another housing association. Cllr Brown to also approach Havebury Housing and St Edmundsbuy planning department.

Cllr Painter left the meeting.

6 - Clerks Report:-
Reminders had gone out to allotment holders the rent was now due for 2016- 2017 £88 had been received so far. One allotment holder no longer wished to carry on, the clerk to contact the next person on the waiting list.
The clerk informed Council of having passed the CiLCA qualification, as per the contract of employment salary would increase by 1 SCP point from SCP17 to SCP 18 all members happy for this to happen.

7 - Mill Road Enforcement:-
Cllr Brookman felt the distance between the newly planted hedging was considerable. Council asked if the enforcement department had checked whether the mix of plants and the amount of plants were in accordance with the order and if not could this be checked. Cllr Brown to follow this up.

8 - To consider purchase of waste bins:-
The cost of dog waste bins were circulated to Councillors. Council discussed and agreed to the purchase of two red Fido dog waste bins @ £86.52 + VAT each with free post mounted bracket kits. Cllr Dorling to speak to the Water Mill about placing one of the bins in the vicinity if they were in agreement. To place on next agenda.

9 - To review and adopt revised Financial Regulations:-
Council discussed and all in agreement to adopt the revised Financial Regulations but to add to item 10 b The Parish Council would require a value of only £10,000 and h. When it is to enter into a contract of less than £10,000 rather than £25,000.

10 - To review and adopt revised Standing Orders to reflect the changes to Financial Regulations:-
Council discussed and all in agreement to adopt the revised Standing Orders with the addition to item 18 of 'g. Limit to £10,000 if above this amount Pakenham Parish Council would issue tenders.'

11 - Report of recent Highways site visit:-
Cllr Dorling reported a resident near the Water Mill had advised the skirting out of the verges should be carried out in the next few weeks. Council discussed the items highlighted on the site visit. The Highways Officer to report back to the Clerk.

12 - To consider purchase of IT equipment:-
The clerk advised Council of the current amount of grants available from the transparency funding. A quote from Currys PC World for a printer/scanner and laptop which would come as a bundle with Microsoft office and protection for £374.16 + VAT a set of ink cost in the region of £70 which was enough for 1000 pages so worked out cheaper than the current printer in the long term. Council all in agreement for the clerk to purchase.

13 - Defibrillator:-
The clerk had spoken to First Responder to check if any servicing is needed. A regular check to ensure the green light is on (Chair of the Village Hall has been carrying this out) Cllr Sidebotham to carry out a regular visual check in future. An annual check of the pads to ensure they are in date and the battery should last approximately 4 years before it will need replacing. (If machine is used then pads would need to be replaced) The clerk to diarise the need to replace the keypad batteries every 6 months (AAA's) in October and April.

14 - Correspondence:-
To circulate – Update on SCC year of walking, Came & Co. Newsletter, CPRE & Countryside Voice, Anglian Water Pollution Prevention Team email on who to contact and when and notification of temporary traffic order. Copies of the circular walk leaflet had been asked for and there were only a few left. To place re-printing of circular walk leaflet on June agenda.

Cllr Brookman left the meeting.

15 - Planning:-
DC/16/0548/FUL Ponderosa, Fen Road
(i) 1 no dwelling (following demolition of existing dwelling) &
(ii) siting of temporary mobile home (Resubmission of DC/15/1849/FUL)
Council discussed Cllr Bagnell proposed objecting seconded by Cllr Davey a majority decision (Cllr Palfrey and Cllr Sidebotham had no objection) to object to the planning application as they felt it did not meet: DM22 Residential Design specifically i. Integrate comfortably with surrounding street networks and enable integration into future additional development and DM 24 specifically a. Respect the character, scale and design of existing dwellings, and the character and appearance of the immediate and surrounding area.

Any applications determined by planning authority:-
DC/16/0483/CLP Gemeed, Bury Road, Ixworth – proposed donkey stable.
Granted 5.4.16.

16 - Finance Report and to consider payments to be made:-
VAT of £977.86 had been claimed back from HMRC.
The Parish Council books have been collected for their annual internal audit and will be returned in time for the next meeting.
£88 received from allotment rent so far.
St Edmundsbury had confirmed the precept and grant for 2016/17 had been approved by the Council and confirmation had been received of £12,724 will be deposited by BACS on 28th April 2016.
The deposit account has a cleared balance of £6681.86.
The current account a cleared balance at 4th April 2016 of £9435.37 and an uncleared balance of £8907.02.
Letter to Santander signed requesting a new paying in book and set of paying in envelopes.

Cheques issued:-
D. Thrower inv: 84 posts for cemetery meadow
No further invoices had been received

17 - Councillors' reports and items for future agenda:-
Cllr Dorling asked for church driveway to be placed on next agenda as there were a number of pot holes.
Cllr Dorling reported M & TJ's had cut the grass at the lawn cemetery and done a good job but had missed a section. Cllr Dorling to speak to them and also ask them to cut the grass to keep the blackthorn away.
Cllr Sidebotham reported fly tipping of garden waste on the roadside leading to the playing field and M & TJ's had kindly taken this away. Cllr Dorling to thank them.

18 - Date of next meeting:-
The date of the next scheduled meeting was confirmed as Wednesday, 25th May 2016 following the Annual Parish Meeting at 7pm.

There being no further business the meeting was closed at 9.40pm

(ref 144 – 147)

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