Pakenham Parish Council - 18th March 2015


Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday, 18th March, 2015 at 7.30pm
Pakenham Village Hall

Present: Cllr D Dorling (Vice-Chairman), Cllr I Brookman, Cllr N Davey and Cllr C Palfrey 
9 Members of the public were in attendance 
Mrs S Brown (clerk) took the minutes
1 - Apologies for absence:-
Apologies received and accepted from Cllr M Bagnell, Cllr H Painter and Cllr M Sargent
2 - Declarations of interest: No declarations of interest were received

3 - Police Report:-
No police officer was in attendance and no report had been received. A reply had been received to the query the term ‘static presence’ means that an officer has parked in an obvious position and monitored the traffic. This is often done in areas which may not be safe to conduct a speed check or something which is done during the course of our usual patrols. It was reported on Church Hill at 3.35am on 13.3.15 a metal garage door was forced up and over and insecure items removed namely pedal cyclers and a BMW motor cycle which had keys in the ignition then abandoned and seen to run off – Crime number BR/15/222
County Councillor’s Report:-
Cllr Hopfensperger did not attend and no report had been received. The £400 grant from SCC towards the defibrillator had been received and banked.
Borough Councillor’s Report:-
Cllr. Spicer attended and gave his report which included:St Edmundsbury, Forest Heath and Suffolk County Councils are proposing to develop a new depot, waste transfer station and household waste recycling centre (called the West Suffolk Operational Hub) at Hollow Road Farm. It is anticipated that the planning application for this proposed development will be submitted towards late spring 2015. Mr Ian Gallin had agreed to attend the next  parish council meeting on Wednesday 22nd April and would cover ‘The Role of the Borough’, The People to Contact’ and ‘The Enforcement Department’ with an opportunity to ask questions. Cllr Brookman asked whether Mr Gallin was going to answer questions on Pakenhams specific cases and not just the role of the Enforcement department. Cllr Spicer advised he had made Mr Gallin aware of this. Cllr Dorling advised the Parish Council needed to know what the enforcement department is doing on all outstanding enforcement matters within the village. Council updated Cllr Spicer on the outstanding enforcement issues, this included Mill Road and Shetland Boatyard. Council were happy to leave Newbury off the enforcement list. Cllr Dorling highlighted what he felt was the unnecessarily heavy handed and incorrectly titled enforcement of Millers Barn. Cllr Spicer advised on the Oak Farm planning he had been on a site visit and spoken to the Planning Officer and updated Council. The case would go to the delegation panel in the first instance and is then likely to go to development control. Council read out the Boroughs planning guidance Policy DMS26 Agricultural & Essential Workers Dwellings. Cllr Spicer did stress that, with Mr Reed living alone at Oak Farm and Mrs Reed and the children living in Stanton, they were applying to the Borough to have a family home at Oak Farm. Cllr Spicer advised he will send in a report to the delegation panel as he is unable to attend this will include the agricultural restriction and a house more modest in size.
Public Forum:-
A resident reported a number of highway issues including: Horse sign on A143 westbound carriageway before Cutters Lane has been knocked down for some time. Kerb stones on Fulmer Bridge one knocked off into river & one loose. The road junction Roman Road onto A143 leftmost carriageway subsidence which causes the accumulation of rainwater when freezes cars are unable to stop before joining the A143.FenRoad/Grimstone End/Broadway/Thieves Lane the road surface is now polished and shiny therefore difficult for horses to grip surface in dry conditions and dangerous for cars & cycles in wet conditions. It was also reported the ‘duck’ sign is down again and the ‘children’ sign could be in a better position. The clerk to forward to Highways and copy in C.Cllr. Hopfenspger. Cllr Dorling advised the Parish Council had a site visit with Highways in September last year where the Officer advised they would patch and then stone dress parts of Fen Road. It was commented it was a waste of time patching roads. Resident who was hoping to purchase The Fox advised there was no extra news but was still hopeful.

4 - To Consider the approval of the minutes of the last meeting:-
The minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday, 18th February was approved and signed as a correct record. 
5 - Matters arising from previous meetings:-
i. Affordable Housing Update: Reply received from Havebury housing was read to meeting. Cllr Brookman advised from his investigation the road would be Haveburys responsibility. It could possibly be a problem to the Parish Council if one of the trees came down causing subsidence to the road. This should be checked within the next tree survey of the Dell. It was felt having a covenant that preference was given to Pakenham residents in the first instance followed by neighbouring parishes/villages. Council  discussed and felt it would be beneficial for Havebury Housing to attend the Parish Council meeting in May (to split the Annual Parish Meeting/Annual Parish Council meeting if possible)

ii. Anglian Water update: A reply had been received: ‘we will have a decision on whether Stage 1 approval has been granted by the end of April 2015’

6 Clerk’s Report:-
The defibrillator & cabinet have been delivered Mr Harnor has been organising their installation. The clerk is speaking to a community first responder to try & arrange training, a small donation is normally expected. The marquee has been delivered. Thanks were given to Barbara at the Post Office for accepting all deliveries and Roger Harnor for checking all items. The cemetery works are due to take place at the beginning of April as they had been unable to carry these works sooner due to weather conditions. The Flood & Water Manager from SCC had agreed to attend the meeting on 24 June to discuss local water courses. If there are any questions for him please email to the clerk and they will be passed on. The FOI request what monies have been spent on 3rd party agents concerned with planning enforcement ENF/06/260 Mill Road. St Edmundsbury had replied: ‘I can confirm that the total paid to LSR Solicitors in relation to this matter was £7.50’ The clerk to go back asking for monies from 2006.
i. Schedule of outstanding items: All items had been reported to the relevant authorities. The underground drain scheduled to be jetted in the next 4 weeks. Pot hole on Fen Road outside Boundary House to be completed in next 4 weeks (both items dependent on weather conditions) The fly tipping has been removed. It was asked for the broken/jagged telegraph pole on Bull Road to be reported again as unsafe.

7 - Financial Orders Review:-
Council agreed to the updated financial orders and they were duly signed.
8 - Standing Orders Review:-
Council agreed to the updated standing orders and they were duly signed.

9 - Correspondence:-
Received from the Families & Communities Officer St Edmundsbury an outreach programme for young people aged 11 & above. Council were happy to support with advertising any events if facilities were needed the Chair of PVH & PFA was happy for his contact details to be passed to the Officer. An email received from a resident supporting affordable housing in the village, to let them know when Havebury will be attending. A report had been received from a resident who attended the police priority meeting which was read to the meeting. Joint Development Management Policies Local Plan where copies are available and Clerks & Councils Direct were circulated to Councillors.
10 - Planning:-
No applications had been received. 
Any applications determined by Planning Authority: No decisions had been received

11- To consider donation to PVH & PFA:-
Council discussed Cllr Brookman proposed seconded by Cllr Dorling all in agreement to donate £1170

12 - To consider donation to P.O.:-
Council discussed Cllr Brookman proposed seconded by Cllr Palfrey all in agreement to donate £675
13 - Finance Report – to consider payments to be made:-
Cleared balance of the deposit account £6662.78.
Current account a cleared balance @ 31/12/14 £10,244.08 an uncleared balance of £55572.49 after the invoices and donations on the agenda have been paid.
The quarterly breakdown was distributed to Councillors. All in agreement for payments to be made:-

Clerks Salary
Clerks Expenses
PVH & PFA hall hire
G. Cranmer
SALC payroll
As agreed in items 11 & 12 the following cheques were raised:-
Donation to PVH &PFA
Donation to P.O.

14 - Councillors’ reports and items for future agenda:-
The railings at Church Green had come down Cllr Palfrey & Cllr Dorling had cleared it away. Council were in agreement not to replace it. 
15 - Date of next meeting:-
The next scheduled meeting was confirmed as Wednesday, 22nd April  2015 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.20pm

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