Pakenham Parish Council - 17th September 2014


Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday, 17th September, 2014 at 7.30pm
Pakenham Village Hall

Present: Cllr H Painter (Chairman), Cllr D Dorling (Vice-Chairman), Cllr C Palfrey, Cllr M Sargent and Cllr Bagnell.
Six Members of the public attended. Mrs S Brown (clerk) took the minutes

1 - Apologies for absence: Apologies were received and accepted from Cllr I Brookman
2 - Declarations of interest: No declarations 
3 - Rights of Way Officer:-
Claire Dickson from SCC addressed the meeting explaining the remit of the Rights of Way department and the responsibilities of SCC i.e. to keep the surface of the rights of way in good repair, to signpost rights of way and waymarkers. They are cut twice a year over two six weeks periods. Ms Dickson advised they would try to cut Pakenham earlier in the six week period next year. It was explained side growth/hedges were the responsibility of the landowner to cut back. If there are overhanging trees/hedges etc., to contact SCC and they will contact the landowner, they are given one month to carry out the works. Cross-field paths are normally between 1m-1.8m wide. Field edge/headland paths are normally between 1.5m-1.8m wide. Ms Dickson advised monies from the grant fund access development team could be available to help with reprinting the circular walk leaflet, to send the clerk contact details. The current cutting schedule to be sent to the clerk. Works to be carried out on the circular route including re-decking the bridge from Fen Road, reinstating the broken rights of way signs and extra waymarkers to be installed. A number of leaflets were given for distribution.
4 - County Councillor’s Report:-
Cllr Hopfensperger attended and updated the Council on the flooding in The Street and Grimstone End. Ross Corbyn Highways engineer had been out and met with Cllr Dorling in Grimstone End for an initial assessment, a detailed survey to follow. The Fen Road gulley had also been cleared. The Highways engineer had also met with Cllr Painter & Dorling in The Street for an initial assessment of the problem. The whole system has been jetted but numerous pipes/drains have become broken or damaged over the years. The engineer to implement an initial survey for infrastructure works in the first instance for funding allocation. A fuller report with more detailed works to be carried out at a later date. These works may include a pipe across the Village Hall car park for which consent will have to be sought from the Village Hall Committee. Cllr Painter reiterated how important it was to get these works completed asking that longer term solutions do not hold up immediate works to alleviate the situation at the present time. It was reported SCC had been seen cutting back hedgerow ready for the investigation works. To put on next agenda.
Cllr Hopfensperger advised the energy from waste was now taking waste from Norfolk & all was going well with no reported increases in traffic.
It was reported by a member of the public 2 bollards had been broken on Mill Road. Cllr Hopfensperger was asked if anything more substantial could be placed on the verge to stop the illegal entrance being used. Cllr Hopfensperger to contact Highways and follow up. 
B.Cllr Spicer asked to be advised if there are any developments on Mill Road enforcement. Cllr Painter advised he had spoken to the enforcement department again but again nothing further had happened. This case has been ongoing for a number of years with St Edmundsbury having won the case 4 years ago and still the re-instatement of land and hedge at Mill Road had not been enforced. It was also advised the landowner had tipped several hundred loads of dirt on the site without being stopped. This is causing more problems with flooding because of the rise in the height of the land. Cllr Hopfensperger advised she was aware the department dealing with the situation experienced staff shortages but had now taken on agency staff to help the situation. 
5 - Borough Councillor’s Report:-
Cllr. Spicer attended and gave his report. He & Cllr Dorling had attended a meeting with the chief environmental officer to discuss the problem of foul water occurring at a property in Fen Road. It was asked if the property had a flood return valve. It was advised Anglian Water had been invited to attend the next Parish Council meeting or at a date suitable to themselves. The clerk to liaise with Anglian Water. Cllr Spicer asked if the meadow at the church could be cut for hay, the Council had no objection to this being carried out and would arrange for the cut by EFMS to be carried out in September. It was asked if the hay cut was to take place a copy of the third party insurance to be made available. Cllr Spicer to inform the clerk if this was needed.
A consultation on voting stations was being carried out. Cllr Spicer advised a small number of residents would like to use Pakenham as their voting station who were currently registered with another station. The Council advised they had no objection to this.
6 - Police report:-
Suffolk Constabulary attended and gave their report. There had been two crimes of interest since the last meeting: 23rd August criminal damage to the paintwork of a car in The Owell, no further action taken and between 8 – 11th September attempted burglary in The Owell, no further action taken. At the last priority setting meeting the following priorities had been set: Speeding, burglary and hare coursing. The next priority setting meeting is December. A member of the public reported a white transit van with 2 occupants had tried selling her a generator, there had been a number of these occurrences reported in the area.
7 - Public Forum: No questions were raised.
8 - To Consider the approval of the minutes of the last meeting:-
The minutes of the meeting held on 31st July 2014 were approved and signed as a correct record.
9 - To Consider the co-option of a new Councillor:-
One candidate had come forward - Mr N Davey - who supplied a resume which had been circulated to Councillors. Council discussed the matter. Cllr Sargent proposed co-opting Mr Davey, this was seconded by Cllr Bagnell. All Councillors were in agreement and Mr Davey was asked to join the meeting. A welcome pack was given and a declaration of acceptance of office was signed. The Chairman formally welcomed Cllr Davey to the meeting.

10 - Reports from previous meeting:-
Schedule of outstanding items: The schedule was updated with two street lights reported not to be working. Clerk to advise SCC.
Highways visit: The Highways list was updated. Cllr Painter to walk from the cross roads to the village hall, Cllr Dorling to cover Fen Road & mark on the map any issues for Highways. Cllr Hopfensperger had arranged a Highways meeting to take place in the Village on Wednesday, 1st October at 9.30am. Cllrs Dorling & Palfrey to attend, Cllr Painter to attend if commitments allowed.

11 - Clerk’s Report:-
Jonathan Chown Broadband Officer at SCC had given an update on expected speeds for the village with some premises connected direct to the exchange having fibre direct to their premises which gives speeds up to 330Mbps which is a serious coup for the area. This will take a bit longer to deliver – perhaps next Spring. For 617 numbers they should receive over 60Mbps by around Christmas.
EFMS have been asked to add the extra items to their schedule of works. They reported they had found 2 wasps nests at the lawn cemetery; Council agreed to leave the wasps as they would be dying within a few weeks. Havebury housing will contact the Council when they next have an inspection event.
The clerk attended the Town & Parish training session on the precept carried out by St Edmundsbury. They will be improving the precept form with a box showing the percentage increase/decrease of the precept. 
12 - To consider purchase of a marquee:-
Cllr Painter had received a number of quotes ranging from £834 - £518. It was agreed by a member of the PCC the marquee could be stored at the church. The clerk to contact Cllr Hopfensperger to ask if any monies/grant would be available towards the cost of the marquee. To place on next agenda.
13 - To consider purchase of a defibrillator:-
Cllr Spicer advised he would be happy to help with up to half the cost of the defibrillator, the clerk to fill in the necessary form from St Edmundsbury, Cllr Spicer to sign. To put on next agenda.
14 - To consider Lawn Cemetery memorial safety report:-
Council discussed the matter. Council agreed for the works to be completed in principal. The clerk to obtain if possible two further quotations for the works and to accept the cheapest quote. To review ongoing costs and review list of charges.
15 - Lawn Cemetery:-
Headstone approval: A black granite with modern gold lettering in a book form with a small rose on each corner to be erected. Council had no objections to this request.
16 - To consider amendment to Standing Orders:-
Due to a change in the law on 6 August 2014 item 3k to be removed from the Standing Orders. This was agreed by Council.
17 - Planning Applications:-
DC/14/1317/HH : Silverwood
Single storey rear/side extension, front porch & detached garage to side.
Council discussed, no objections.
DC/14/1645/TCA : Bridge House
Trees in a conservation area Holly tree pollard to original pollared height.
Council discussed, no objections.
DC/14/1623/TPO : Mulberry House
Tree preservation order various trees.
Council discussed, no objections.
DC/14/ 1602/TPO : Manor Garth
Tree preservation order various trees.
Council discussed, no objections.
DC/14/1534/HH : Hill House
Rear extension & alterations to detached dwelling.Part extension to be two storey.
Council discussed, no objections.
Applications granted/refused:-
DC/14/1278/TCA & DC/14/1218/TCA : Church green wood & The Dell - granted.
DC/14/0999/LB : The Willows – Refused delegation panel.
18 - Correspondence:-
All correspondence was circulated to Councillors including The Local Councillor, Clerk & Council Direct and Suffolk Age UK.
Request from D Starie: Enquiring as to the current ownership of the bowling green as he was interested in purchasing this land to extend his current garden.
Council discussed and agreed that Clerk to reply saying Council were considering the best use of this land for the village in the future and not currently looking to sell the land.
Town and Parish Conference: To take place on 14 October in the Apex at 6pm. Cllr Painter may be available to attend.
Roadside Nature Reserve September Cut: Cllr Dorling had inspected and checked the condition of the posts with two being broken - clerk to inform SCC.
Mr M Nunn Felling of memorial tree: A letter had been received which was read to Council. 
P.C.C.: To ask if the Council would consider resurfacing the path on the south side of the church. Council discussed, unfortunately no funds were available for this work.
19 - Affordable Housing:-
A number of possible meeting dates had been received from Cllr Brookman. It was agreed Cllrs Painter, Sargent and Palfrey could attend a meeting with Havebury Housing on Friday, 3rd October at 2.30pm. Cllr Painter to liaise with Cllr Brookman.
20 - Finance Report:-
To consider payments to be made:-
Cleared balance of the deposit account £6662.78
Cleared balance of the current account at 7/7/14 £14,796.81
Uncleared balance £13,293.35 this includes the invoices on the agenda.
To approve & accept the annual return: BDO had completed the audit with no matters arising. Cllr Palfrey proposed to accept the annual return seconded by Cllr Davey.

Cheques raised:
BDO inv: 1313229
S Brown salary
G Cranmer tree inspections

No further invoices had been received.
21 - Councillors’ reports and items for future agenda: Nothing to report.
22 - Date of next meeting:-
The next scheduled meeting was confirmed as Wednesday, 29th October 2014 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 10.25pm.

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