Pakenham Parish Council Minutes 8th July 2013

Meeting of


Minutes of the meeting held on Monday, 8th July, 2013 at 7pm In The Martin Room

Present: Cllr H Painter (Chairman), Cllr M Sargent (Vice-Chairman); Cllr D Dorling, Cllr C Palfrey, Cllr I Brookman, Cllr R Griffin, Cllr M Bagnell, St Edmundsbury Cllr C Spicer and ten members of the public attended.
Mrs S Brown (clerk) took the minutes.

1 -  Apologies for absence: All attended

2 -  Declarations of interest:-
Cllr R Griffin and Cllr C Palfrey declared an interest in item 4 ii Application No: SE/13/0762/HH Trelawne, Fen Road

3 - Public Forum: No members of the public wished to speak

4 - Planning applications:-
SE/13/0655/HH - 3, The Meadows, Fen Road
(i) Erection of single storey front extension
(ii) erection of porch to side elevation
Councillors studied the plans and unanimously had no objection to this application.

SE/13/0762/HH - Trelawne, Fen Road
Erection of first floor addition and installation of dormer window in existing roof at front (revised scheme of SE/12/1302/HH).
Councillors Griffin and Palfrey left the meeting while this application was discussed.
The remainder of the Council had reference to the previously submitted plans and reasons for refusal. A letter had been received from neighbours to the application which was read out to Council. The design and access statement for the first floor addition to Trelawne was read out. Council studied the new plans and discussed the application. Council unanimously objected to the application with the comments: Pakenham Parish Council appreciates the excessive bulk has been reduced but still have concerns about height and street scene. The Council would welcome an alternative scheme.

 No further applications had been received

5 - Finance to consider payments to be made:-
i) Payment to HMRC PAYE April - June 2013. A cheque was raised for £30.97 for period ending 5 July signed by Cllr Painter and Cllr Dorling.
ii) Payment to CCAS health & safety risk assessment Invoice no:4894. A cheque was raised for £360 signed by Cllr Painter and Cllr Dorling.

6 - Date of next meeting:-
Thursday, 18thJuly, 2013 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.

There being no further business the meeting was closed at 7.45pm

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