Pakenham Parish Council Minutes 22nd November 2012

Meeting of


7.30pm 22nd November 2012, Pakenham Village Hall

Present: Cllr H Painter, Cllr D Dorling, Cllr C Palfrey, Cllr I Brookman, Cllr R Griffin, Cllr M Bagnall and Cllr M Sargent.   County Councillor Hopfensperger arrived late after attending another meeting. Mrs M Gardiner (clerk) was also in attendance.  Members of the public were also present.

1 - Apologies for absence: Borough Councillor C Spicer, the Police.
2 - Declarations of interest: The Chairman expressed an interest in the planning application for Bell House and left the room for the discussion and decision.

3 - Public Forum:-
It was reported that the mud at the end of Mill Road is still very bad.  Mud is being taken from the verge onto the road when vehicles pass. Photographs of the site were circulated. A lorry and a school bus tried to pass there today causing the mud to spread even further. The mud is on top of hard core, so the water won’t drain away. The Highways have visited on a dry day and so they could see no problem. The clerk will try to arrange a meeting with the Highways, Cllrs Hopfensperger and Spicer, the Police and the Enforcement Officer as this entrance is supposed to be closed as part of the enforcement order. Councillors and neighbours would like to be present at the meeting. Residents are worried that there may be a serious accident there.
On the opposite side of Mill Road a pile of smelly muck has been dumped close to houses. Cllr Griffin will enquire as to its origin and try to get it moved further from the homes.
The Fox Public House – In reply to a question, the Chairman reported that no movement had been taken by the developer and that the Parish Council has been in touch with the planners.  They have had no approach from the developer since the first meeting and they will let us know when they hear anything. The Council has also written to him on several occasions but has not received a reply. The pub was bought at the end of last year and at the public meeting earlier this year the developer said he hoped to have a planning application in by the Spring. Residents reported seeing the developer in the village. The building is in Pakenham conservation area and the site is only partly in the settlement boundary and this does restrict the developer’s options.

4 - County Councillor’s Report:-
Cllr Hopfensperger arrived after attendance at another meeting and was told of the position regarding the mud in Mill Road. She told the meeting that Highways will not kerb minor roads as requested by one councillor. Safety is a police matter, and she agreed to all parties previously suggested being invited to a site meeting. Cllr Hopfensperger stated that it is the landowner’s responsibility to clear the mud, but we realise that in this case it is unlikely to happen. She took the photographs to show the Highways Dept.
Consultation papers have been circulated detailing the possibility of merging the admin offices of the Suffolk Fire & Accident Service with those in Cambridgeshire
The winter gritting timetable is on the SCC website. Cllr Hopfensperger should be informed if any grit bins have not yet been filled.
Speeding – She has asked for SID to be sited in The Street and will ask for a check on speeding in Fen Road.
Cllr Hopfesperger asked about the progress of Speedwatch. She will send the details to the clerk, who will pass them to Mrs Sidebotham.  Flashing signs are available for use with the Speedwatch equipment. 

5 - Borough Councillor’s Report (tabled):-
The Street light by Maulkins Drift is now working and the ivy has been cut.
Cllr Spicer and Paul Shackleton have personally lifted, and put aside, the paving slabs laid for school children between Manor Garth and the Playing Field. They had risen up as a result of tree roots underneath. The gap has now reverted to a country path and there is no need to involve the Borough further.
Cllr Spicer will monitor closely the transfer to the Village Newsletter. He will apply in the New Year for the agreed start-up grant of £300, for which many thanks.
He reminded Councillors that the S.106 Financial Contribution of £93,240 available for Affordable Housing in Pakenham is dependent upon the Broadway development starting before the 12th July 2015.
The Village Hall Committee is proceeding to Planning Consent for an additional Storage Hut and will seek to accept a SCC Locality Grant before the end of February 2013.

6 - Police report:-
Firstly the SNT would like to thank the Chairman, the Council and the community for their continued support.
Crime Statistics for the  Parish 18/10/12 to 22/11/12
There was one crime of interest during this period.
Theft conveyance other than a motor vehicle – overnight Tue 6/11 – Wed 7th a secure yellow JCB teleporter was stolen from a farm in Pakenham and driven away on the public highway.
Other areas:
Theft from outbuildings and vehicles continues in rural areas.
Ongoing issues with Anti Social Behaviour in village centres.
Fuel oil thefts, It is that time of year again a few have been reported, please ask your residents to be vigilant.
“Please ask your community to secure their property and remove personal items from view when leaving their vehicles. Do not make it easy for thieves! Be vigilante and report any suspicious activity, for non-urgent matters dial 101 or email:
If you believe a crime is in progress dial 999”
Speeding traffic – the recent speed checks did show a minority of vehicles speeding along The Street. 
Mrs Sidebotham reported that Mrs Spicer will give her the name of the co-ordinator of the scheme in Stanton. Cllr Hopfensperger will ask for SID to be sited in the village again. Speed needs monitoring in both The Street and The Fen.
Local residents can offer a safe place for Speedwatch or the Police to operate. Stowlangtoft is unable to share the equipment with Pakenham as the Police have told them that there is not a safe site in Stowlangtoft from which to use the equipment.

The Chairman convened the meeting.

7 - Approve minutes of meeting held on 18th October 2012:-
The minutes were approved and signed as a true record. 

8 - Planning applications:-
SE/12/1553/TCA - Swiss Cottage, The Street (TCA/12/2375)
Trees in a conservation area notification.  Fell 3 sycamore trees in rear garden..
Councillors will to meet to inspect the trees before making a decision.

SE/12/1433/LBCA - Bell House, The Street.
Proposed enlargement of existing garage. 
Councillors have no objection to this proposal.

Granted: SE/12/11241/FUL – Oak Farm, Pakenham Road

SE/12/0635/FUL - Land adjacent to Newbury, Fen Road.  An appeal has been lodged with the Planning Inspectorate. Councillors agreed that they have no further comments to make.

9 - Parish Plan:-
Newsletter – Councillor Brookman presented the second draft Heads of Agreement for the Village and Church News.
Councillors agreed unanimously to adopt this Agreement. Clerk to sign two copies and send to the PCC.
The Parish Council must now decide what they want included in the newsletter. For the next meeting.
Housing Needs Survey – It was agreed that a site for 5-6 homes might be easier to find than one for 10-12 and the 106 agreement money might be available to help with the cost.
The motion to accept the report and to start looking for sites for 5-6 homes within the parish was carried unanimously.
Councillors agreed to identify suitable sites and bring their suggestions to the next meeting.  If all Councillors are in favour, then land-owners can be approached and the project discussed with the planners.

10 - The Dell/Church Green Wood:-
Councillors have inspected the wood and agree that any Health & Safety work should be done as soon as possible and a footpath created.
The quote for two days tree work in the sum of £840 was agreed. Cllr Dorling will speak to the tree surgeons to ask for a copy of their insurance before they proceed with the work.
On completion, the dog bin will be erected and the wood should be ready for its official opening in the spring.
The existence of a Risk Assessment document covering this area was queried and if not already in existence should be acquired as soon as possible. For next meeting. 
The possibility of planting a tree in memory of a parishioner at the entrance to the wood may be possible. For further discussion.

11 - Finance Report:-
A Finance Report was circulated and agreed.
The hedges around the playing field will be trimmed after a few frosts in case the heavy equipment spoils the surface of the playing field while it is still so soft and damp.
A query has been received about ownership of the banks lining the church driveway and who is responsible for their upkeep. At present they are cleared when the churchyard grass is cut. The Parish Council does not wish to accept responsibility for this if the land is not parish land.
Councillors agreed unanimously to pay for a Christmas tree, which will be lit and sited outside the village hall.
Budget – Councillors discussed the budget for 2013-14 at length and agreed to request a precept of £10,467.00 from St Edmundsbury Borough Council.
Financial Regulations – to be re-drafted in line with Standing Orders.

12 - Standing Orders – to be re-drafted for next meeting.

13 - Clerk’s report – nothing to report.
14 – Correspondence:-
St Edmundsbury Borough Council : Forest Heath & St Edmundsbury Local Plan
Suffolk Fire & Rescue Service
SALC : Annual Report; Cemetery Management
NALC  : Members conduct & interests
Suffolk Acre : Update magazine; Extra-ordinary General Meeting
Clerks & Councils Direct
Live Well Suffolk
CPRE  : Countryside Voice

15 - Councillors' reports:-
Cemetery – The churchwardens will be asked if they have a burial plan for the lawn cemetery.  The clerk will also search the Parish Council records. It is essential that any plan held is kept up-to-date.

16 - Date of next meeting:-
Monday 10th December 2012 at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.

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