Pakenham Parish Council - 21st June 2012

Meeting of


7.30pm 21st June 2012, Pakenham Village Hall

Present: Cllr H Painter, Cllr D Dorling, Cllr R Griffin, Cllr M Sargent, Cllr C Palfrey & Borough Councillor C Spicer. Mrs M Gardiner (clerk) was also in attendance. Members of the public attended

1 - Apologies for absence: Cllr M Bagnall, County Councillor R Hopfensperger, Police (received just after meeting)

2 - Declarations of interest: none.

3 - Public Forum:-
Newsletter – Mr Chris Carroll-Davis spoke to the meeting about the possibility of editing a combination of the Church News and a village newsletter. The current editor of Church News wishes to give up the job by the end of the year and he considers that it would make sense to combine the two. Church News is available by subscription – about 190 in Pakenham, the remainder are sold in Norton and Tostock.
Any profit from advertisements goes to the diocese and is split three ways between the churches.
The Parish Plan identified that villagers wanted a free newsletter delivered to every house.
Councillors were shown Thurston's newsletter, which is simple and free and delivered to every house. It is a combination of church and village news, funded by advertisements.
Mr Carroll-Davis has been approached by the Church to edit their newsletter, but he considers it should go to everyone in the village at no cost.
Cllr Spicer advised that Mr Carroll-Davis and Parish Councillors will be invited to a meeting with the diocese on Thursday 12th July to discuss the matter. He also suggested that revenue might be increased by more advertising and that separate pages could be printed for the three villages involved. He will put forward a draft business plan.
Parish Councillors feel that, because of the result of the Parish Plan questionnaire, they must support a Pakenham only newsletter.
Mr Carroll-Davis will only agree to edit a joint newsletter, although he is a member of the village and not a church-goer, but it was the Church that approached him in the first place.
Would it be possible to email a newsletter it was asked. This would reduce the need to deliver paper copies. It could be posted on the village and Parish Council websites.
With an increase in circulation, advertising would increase so it might be necessary to discuss where any profits from advertising would go.
The Fox Public House – It was reported that Ian Gosling, a former landlord of The Fox, has died.

4 - County Councillor's Report:-
No report available.

5 - Borough Councillor's Report:-
Cllr Spicer is still chasing Havebury to repair the fence on the corner of Church View.
A local bid is being put to the Heritage Lottery fund to upgrade the Abbey Gardens. It is planned to move the tennis courts and to remove the bowling green and shelter. A new entrance will be made by the Deanery. English Heritage object to the erection of a traditional bandstand, but a temporary tented bandstand may be permitted. The public would like the aviary to be retained.
Cllr Spicer reminded Councillors that money was available to help those suffering from fuel poverty. A notice has been put in the Post Office. The grants started last winter and will run until 31st December 2012. Money has been given to people to help with fuel bills or insulation. Request should be routed through the Citizen's Advice Bureau. Please let people know so that they can benefit.

6 - Police report:–
The Police were unable to attend and this report was received just after the meeting:-
There has only been one crime of interest since 24th May which has come in overnight 20/21st June: Burglary of garage block to large residence in Upper Town. Offenders have entered insecure garages and stolen Stihl chainsaw and industrial pressure washer.
Possible link to numerous other burglaries of outbuildings and garages overnight in the Mid Suffolk area.
Please be on your guard for any suspicious activity. Offenders have to "recce" areas before they strike so if you see a vehicle travelling slowly past that looks out of place, please please note down the number and dial our non-emergency number 101 to report at the time. We will always happily come out to check anything deemed suspicious so please never think you are wasting our time. Your call could just be a valid piece of the intelligence jigsaw.
Anyone that visits your home uninvited, ie callers asking for scrap metal are also worth noting - descriptions and vehicles used. Again, we are happy to come out to check them over as they need waste carriers Licences and are committing offences without one!
SNT Priority Tasking Meeting;
At the recent tasking meeting held at Ixworth on Wednesday 13th June the panel and members of the public decided on the following as new priorities…
1. ASB in Barrow, areas of the Church cemetery and the Skate park
2. Attention to the various village halls in the St Eds Rural North area, in relation to ASB and damage offences throughout the summer holidays. (including Stanton, Gt Barton, Barrow).
We have discharged ASB issues in Stanton (given the low number of calls, and patrol attention not resulting in any major issues), further to this, patrols with still continue and any issue we are made aware of will be dealt with. In ASB is issues at Seven Hills, Ingham (patrol attention given, meetings well on the way to address signage etc, and speeding (many months attributed to it and good results.)
County Crime Levels;
* The overall crime level in Suffolk has reduced again by 1.6%. This is the sixth consecutive year that crime has fallen in Suffolk making Suffolk one of the most crime free areas of the UK.
* Overall there were 716 fewer crimes recorded.
* From our latest survey 93% of people feel safe in the Neighbourhood they live in, in Suffolk.

The Chairman convened the meeting.

7 - Approve minutes of meeting held on 24th May 2012:-
These were approved and signed as a true record.

8 - Planning applications:-
SE/12/0635/FUL – Land adjacent to Newbury, Fen Road
Erection of two single storey dwellings.
The Chairman opened the meeting to the public for discussion.
The applicant's draughtsman told Councillors that this is limited infill which he accepted does not accord with the Local Plan, but he felt that the National Planning Policy framework would take precedence. The owner has stated a need to provide homes for his two children.
The Local Plan refers to the site being rural and outside the settlement area, in which case only dwellings for key-workers, agricultural or replacement dwellings should be allowed.
The Chairman explained that at Millers Meadow the Parish Council had accepted the applicant's argument that he needed a house for security for his topiary art. The Planning Inspectorate did not accept this argument and refused consent.
New dwellings in the countryside can only take place where there is a proven need for housing outside the settlement boundary.
The applicant queried why he was given permission to build a games room, but couldn't build dwellings.
An interested member of the public asked Cllr Spicer if he would 'call the application in', so that views could be expressed at the Borough Council Committee. Cllr Spicer replied that, although he has had site meetings with the applicant, he only advises constituents.
The meeting was re-convened and Councillors voted on the proposal following further discussion between themselves. Councillors voted not to object by a vote of 3 - 2 (Cllrs Painter & Dorling objected).
Councillors asked that it be noted on the planning reply that 1m high fences be conditioned on the consent if granted. It was also noted that they would be much happier with only one additional dwelling on the site.

SE/12/0527/HH – Cotswold, Fen Road
Erection of single storey side extension.

9 - Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations:-
All events were well attended in spite of the weather. Mugs are still selling in the Post Office so a few more will be ordered.
A big thank you to Mary for her hard work in organising a very successful weekend.

10 - Parish Plan:-
Housing Needs Survey – 340 forms have been distributed. Completed forms will be returned to Suffolk Acre, who will compile a report assessing the housing needs of the village.

11 - Memorial Application:-
Memorial requests from Saxon Monumental Craft and Hanchets were agreed.

12 - Finance Report:-
Adoption of Annual Return to Auditors. The accounts have been returned by the Internal Auditor and his report was read to the meeting. The Annual Governance Statement was discussed and signed.
Cllr Sargent proposed adoption of the Annual Return, seconded by Cllr Dorling and this was carried unanimously. The Return will now be sent to BDO, Southampton.
A Finance Report was circulated and payments agreed.
It was agreed to order a new hooded litter bin for installation at the bus stop.

13 - New Code of Conduct for Councillors:-
A new standards regime will affect the Parish Council and it is anticipated this will start on 1st July. SALC are preparing a common code of conduct for Suffolk to avoid confusion. There will also be a new register of interests for councillors, which will require registration of both the interests of the councillor and of the partner/spouse they live with. Interests recorded will be of a pecuniary and non-pecuniary nature.
The new forms should be available shortly.

14 - Clerk's report:-
General Power of Competence – The Clerk asked to attend a training to learn about this power and to complete the CiLCA module. Parish Councils are advised to adopt this power at the earliest opportunity in order to carry out new projects. The Parish Council agreed to fund this training.

15 - Correspondence:-
St Edmundsbury BC : Summer strolls
Suffolk Acre : Update magazine

16 - Councillor's reports:-
Mill Road – the next date after which we may have a decision is 29th July. There are still rats on site, even though the Environmental Health Inspector has been involved. Clerk to write to the Borough to advise them of the continued problem.
The Fox Public House – The Environmental Health Inspector visited but saw no rats on that occasion. Clerk to contact St Edmundsbury again and to write to the owner asking that he keep the site clean and safe.
Footpath behind the Owell – Clerk to write to Mr Whitwell.
The road gulley is still blocked outside Woodstock House. The gulley near the Ixworth boundary just before the bridge is also blocked. The road surface along Fen Road is breaking up and the road surface along The Broadway becomes very slippery when wet. Clerk to report all to SCC.
Church Wood – After a meeting with Mr Ballard, the boundary was agreed and has now been cleared. Councillors to inspect the site at 7.30pm on Monday 25th June.

17 - Date of next meeting:-
Thursday 19th July 2012 in the Village Hall.

Due to elections for the new Police Commissioner, the date for the November meeting has changed from 15th November to 22nd November.

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