Pakenham Parish Council - 24th May 2012

Meeting of


8.00pm 24th May 2012, Pakenham Village Hall

Present: Cllr H Painter, Cllr R Griffin, Cllr M Sargent, Cllr C Palfrey & Cllr M Bagnall & Borough Councillor C Spicer. Mrs M Gardiner (clerk) was also in attendance. Members of the public were present.

Election & appointment of Chairman of the Parish Council for 2012-13
Councillor H Painter was re-appointed as Chairman, proposed by Cllr M Sargent & seconded by Cllr M Bagnall. Cllr Painter signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office.
The Chairman proposed Cllr M Sargent as Vice-Chairman, seconded by Cllr M Bagnall.

1 - Apologies for absence: Cllr D Dorling.

2 - Declarations of interest: none.

3 - Public Forum:-
Mill Lane – The presence of rats has been reported to the Environment Agency for the second time. The court case has been delayed until 8th June.
Anglian Water – have been in Fen Road for a week. The drains cannot cope with current housing let alone extra housing.
The Fox Public House – was discussed at the Annual Parish Meeting. No formal planning application has been received yet.

4 - County Councillor's Report:-
Cllr Hopfensperger was unable to attend the meeting at the last moment, but sent her report:-
It gives me great pleasure to be representing the parish as their county councillor for another year. It has been a difficult and eventful year for Suffolk County Council, with the reduction of government grants and budgetary constraints coming into force. A summary of the year follows this introduction.
The council have had to make some tough decisions again this year due to the current economic climate and the reduction to our grant from the government, together with on-going increases in the demands on our services, and the costs of providing them. We have to make budget savings of £26million this year which is part of a plan to save over £50million over the next two years. The savings will be achieved by reducing management and back-office costs, cutting bureaucracy and working in new, innovative and more efficient ways. The budget proposals were developed alongside a budget consultation, where the people of Suffolk were asked for their views and their priorities. We listened, and delivered a budget that reflects those priorities – protecting our valued front-line services. However we did manage to freeze our council tax for a second consecutive year.
SCC committed £10million towards a bid for broadband funding, and a similar amount was committed by the government. The money will be used to work towards delivering comprehensive high-speed broadband across Suffolk. A procurement process will be taking place to select the company that will do the work. The first aim will be to get the areas with the poorest coverage up to the average. By the middle of 2013, the aim will be for all areas to be up to a minimum standard, with the scope to go much further.
By being in the first wave of counties implementing high-speed broadband, Suffolk can gain a significant competitive edge which will help attract businesses and generate economic growth and new jobs.
The council moved the management of the library network to a new operating model, through establishing an Industrial and Provident Society (IPS). This will enable us to retain our library network, working in partnership with local communities, while reducing the budget by around 30% over three years, from approximately £9m to £6m.
Social Services
The last year we introduced a new way of delivering children's social care across Suffolk.
Amongst the benefits of the new operating model are:-
uniform provision across the county with the ending of three separately-managed (north/west/south) areas every new case including over 10,000 police referrals per year, handled by a central multi-discipline access team a reduction in management and non-front-line staff the integration of Suffolk PCT's Children's Community Health Services (ie health visitors, school nurses etc) into SCC care.
Meanwhile, OFSTED inspections of Suffolk's adoption service have been rated as excellent. Two of our children's homes have been assessed as 'Excellent', with the remainder good. Review of council-owned property
The new office building that will be shared by the county council and the police - Landmark House – is due to have staff moving in this July. The project is part of our move to cut down on office accommodation across Suffolk and work more closely with other public sector organisations – saving money and improving the way we work. The Landmark House project is set to save the county council and police a total of £500,000 a year.
This is only one piece in the project, known as the Single Public Sector Estate. In all, there are around 2,500 public sector buildings in Suffolk, and, over the next few years, we will be working with our colleagues across the public sector to reduce this number, to work more closely together and make savings for the Suffolk tax payers.
Bailey Pool Bridge
The new signage will be put in place in the next four weeks.

5 - Borough Councillor's Report:-
Cllr C Spicer will bring up the subject of planning enforcement when he has a meeting with the new Chief Executive Ian Gallin shortly.
Fence at St Mary's View – the part of the fence owned by St Edmundsbury has been repaired, but Havebury have not yet repaired their section.
Wind turbine – no news.
Vision 2031 – Cllr Spicer recommended that Councillors and residents read the planning policy for the local area with regard the proposed development.
Resident commented that there is no gas in the village and hardly enough water and electricity for current housing in the area. Broadband coverage is also an issue.
Cllr Spicer said that the builders must provide infrastructure within the development. This includes roads and services. They do not have to provide trains, buses etc.
Cllr Spicer is concentrating on maintaining village life where development is planned.

6 - Police report:–
The Police were unable to attend but sent this report:-
Firstly may I take this opportunity to thank The Chairman, Parish Council and the Community for their continuous support throughout the year.
Crime statistics for the period - 24/5/2011 TO 24/5/2012
24 reported crimes with detection rate 20 %(compared to 28 same period last year and 10 % detection rate).
In Suffolk, the 30 Safer Neighbourhood Teams are made up of Police Officers, Police Community Support Officers, Specials and Police Support Volunteers.
These teams work alongside staff from other organisations including district and borough councils to provide an even better service to local people across the county.
Each team has a remit to solve problems identified by local people – which could range from crime and anti-social behaviour to noise and litter.
Pakenham is policed by the St Edmundsbury Rural North Team consisting of
Insp Jane Hertzog; Sgt 696 Kevin Jay; Pc 161 Sheena Tate
Pc 1251 Simon Collins; Pcso 3123 Jonathan Burke
Pcso 3248 Dawn Farrow (designated Barrow Pcso)
Pcso 3232 Ken Ruston; Pcso 3242 Will Pardoe
Feel free to contact the team on 101 or email
Further details of your team can be found at and follow the link to Safer Neighbourhood Teams. This enables you to view the priorities being tackled by your team as well as being able to pass on information or report problems affecting your day to day life.

The Chairman convened the meeting.

7 - Approve minutes of meeting held on 19th April 2012:-
These were approved and signed as a true record.

8 - Planning applications:-
SE/12/0527/HH – Cotswold, Fen Road
Erection of single storey side extension.
After carefully studying the plans, Councillors agreed to support this application.

9 - Co-option of New Councillor:-
A date will be fixed for interviews, when village hall availability has been checked.

10 - Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations:-
Mary Kirby spoke about events planned. 95 children will be given commemorative mugs at the end of the street party. More mugs have been ordered as they are proving very popular.
The WI have kindly offered their help on the Sunday as well as giving a donation. Organisation has been a real team effort – thanks to Cllr Painter for ordering the mugs and to Cllr M Sargent for help with the street party. Mary's expenses will be taken out of dance proceeds. The Parish Council will have donated about £70 towards the cost of the mugs, after profit from sales has been taken into account..
It is hoped that residents will decorate their homes.
Cllr Spicer and the Parish Council thanked Mary for her hard work.

11 - Parish Plan:-
Housing Needs Survey – A letter and questionnaire will be sent to every household on the electoral roll. This is about housing need, not necessarily the need for low cost housing. There are people who have moved away from the village due to no suitable housing being available – they would like to return. The survey will take place in co-operation with St Edmundsbury Borough Council and Suffolk Acre.
Newsletter – There should be no conflict with the Church newsletter, which covers three villages. There is a church meeting in July when the matter of amalgamation will be discussed. At present there is a charge for the Church newsletter and any surplus goes to the benefice.
Results from the Parish Plan indicated that residents wanted a newsletter just for Pakenham.
Cllr Sargent proposed that the newsletters be kept separate for Pakenham and should not include other villages. This was seconded by Cllr Bagnall.
It was suggested that the newsletter could be emailed to residents who were happy to provide their email addresses.
Cllr Painter will arrange a meeting with a village resident who has volunteered to help with the newsletter.

12 - Memorial Application:-
A memorial request from Saxon Monumental Craft was agreed..

13 - Church Wood and The Dell:-
Nothing to report.

14 - Finance Report:-
A Finance Report was circulated and payments agreed.
The litter bin at the bus stop will not be emptied any more as the liner has disintegrated. Cllr Sargent will inspect the bin and report back to the next meeting, when a decision about replacement will be made after receipt of a quote from St Edmundsbury.

15 - Clerk's report:-
Nothing to report.

16 - Correspondence:-
SCC : Suffolk Walking Festival; Grant money available; Scampaign launch to protect Suffolk people
MSDC : Place Directorate Licensing Team; Change to Procedure for street closure orders; Core Strategy Focused Review Development Plan Document
SALC : The Local Councillor; Training calendar
Anglian Water
Diamond Jubilee Momentoes

17 - Councillor's reports:-
A road gulley is blocked outside Woodstock House.
Cllr Sargent has received a report that the footpath behind properties in The Owell needs improving. Boards have been put down to cover mud but they become dangerous and slippery when wet. As Mr Whitwell owns the path, the Parish Council will pass the comments to him.
Cllr Dorling has asked about possible safety improvements near the Bunbury Arms crossroads after another serious accident. Cllr Hopfensperger will be asked if anything further can be done.
A pile of builders rubbish has appeared in the churchyard next to the heap of spoil. Both can be removed when the drive is next surfaced.

18 - Date of next meeting:-
Thursday 21st June 2012 in the Village Hall.

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