Pakenham Parish Council Minutes - January 11th 2012

Meeting of


7.30pm 11th January 2012, Pakenham Village Hall

Present: Cllr H Painter, Cllr M Sargent, Cllr D Dorling, Cllr A Kibbel, Cllr R Griffin, Cllr C Palfrey, Cllr M Bagnall, Borough Councillor C Spicer and County Councillor R Hopfensperger. Mrs M Gardiner (clerk) was in attendance.

1 - Apologies for absence: the Police.

2 - Declarations of interest: none.

3 - Public Forum:-
One resident raised three items. He said that the Church News now headed their pages Pakenham Church and Village News and asked if the Parish Council had passed their suggested newsletter to the church. The Chairman confirmed that this has not occurred. Cllr Griffin is still working on the first edition, which would be free to all villagers. He is looking for assistance with graphics and layout.
It was requested that all issues raised in connection with the Parish Plan should clearly be documented in the minutes.
All actions should be documented as carried out or postponed.

4 - County Councillor's Report:-
Baileypool Bridge – the suggested alteration and rebuilding of the bridge have been circulated. Ixworth PC, whose area includes the other side of the bridge, is happy to let Pakenham make the decisions. Cllr Spicer said he considered the present barricades were flimsy and that vehicles had been seen crossing the bridge.
Cllr Griffin said that he didn't like the look of the planned bridge – bricks were much more traditional and fit in with the rural aspect. Councillors agreed that the plans are acceptable providing the tubular steel is painted rather than left galvanised steel. Cllr Hopfensperger will ask for this to happen.
There will be no pedestrian access for two weeks while work takes place – unfortunately the bridge is too narrow to allow this. Notification of this fact will be placed in the local papers. Councillors were concerned that local residents should be informed. They asked SCC to inform them of closure dates so that notices can be put on the village noticeboards.
Mr Baines has land adjacent to the bridge. He has requested a temporary bridge to get across to his land. The Environment Agency turned down his request because of the flood risk.
The Engineers will contact the Clerk to arrange a date for the site meeting to consider signage at the bridge as soon as possible. Councillors and neighbours are welcome to attend..
Signage at Upper Town – not yet erected but planned to be there soon.
Land at Mill Road – The Highways Dept have been contacted regarding excessive mud on the road, which is very dangerous.
They said they would visit but haven't been seen yet. Cllr Hopfensperger to chase.
Broadband access – there is a national procurement process and then a local one. Cllr Hopfensperger asked residents to go to to pledge support for the project. Upgrading is not as simple in rural as in urban areas.
Neighbourhood Watch – No cold calling signs can be erected in villages. Trading Standards should be contacted for stickers. Councillors reported that there was little trouble in the village in this respect.

5 - Borough Councillor's Report:-
Mill Lane – St Edmundsbury's solicitors have finished their work on the case against the owner of the land and are now waiting to know when the case will be heard. The aim is to get the owner to replant the hedge and block up the entrance, removing the hardcore – even though it is now covered with soil. The Environment Agency is looking into the drain problem.
Streetlights – lamps near the Dell are not working and this has been reported.
Miller's Meadow, Grimstone End – the applicant is now living on site in a mobile home and is hoping to convert the workshop into a dwelling.
Ex-Anglian Water property on A1088 – Cllr Spicer reported that the new owner had applied to convert the property into two dwellings.
St Edmundsbury & Forest Heath are looking to appoint a joint Chief Executive.

6 - Police report – Crimes since last meeting:-
Theft of motor vehicle – 28/11/11 – Moped was stolen from out side the front of victims house.
Theft from Vehicle – 10/12/11 – Tools have been stolen from a vehicle that was parked on driveway of victims house, entry was gained by smashing a window.

The Chairman convened the meeting.

7 - Approve minutes of meeting held on 1st December 2011:-
These were approved and signed as a true record.

8 - Planning applications:-
Granted: SE/11/1267 – Whitings, Fen Road
Appeal: SE/11/0506 – The Broadway, Grimstone End

9 - Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations:-
A planning meeting will be held on 18th January at the home of Mrs Kirby. Delegates from all village groups have been invited. It is hoped that a decision about the Heritage Fund grant will be available at the meeting. As the grant will be in the name of the Parish Council any proposals must be discussed at a Parish Council meeting when any resident of the village is able to attend. An agenda and minutes should be available.

10 - Parish Plan:-
Local needs housing survey - Suffolk Acre have offered to attend a Parish Council meeting to give a short presentation explaining how to undertake a housing survey and how Suffolk Acre can help. Councillors decided that an open meeting, where the whole village was invited, would be the best way forward. Cllr Griffin will liaise with Suffolk Acre and set up a meeting in January. Suggested dates are 25/26/30 January, possibly in the Martin Room. Date and venue to be confirmed. All Councillors and any interested residents are invited to attend. Gt Barton have already undertaken such a survey and may be able to give advice.
Newsletter – covered during the Public Forum.

11 - Cemetery – Memorial:-
A request for a headstone to be erected for Mrs P K Rushton was discussed and agreed.

12 - Church Wood and The Dell:-
The tree risk assessment survey at Church Wood has been completed. There is no urgent maintenance work necessary Cllr Dorling will get quotes for tree surgery. He will also check The Dell.
A letter from Aon regarding public liability insurance was read and discussed at length by Councillors. It was agreed to ask for a quote to increase this insurance from £5,000,000 to £10,000,000 for both sites. Aon asked for weekly visual inspections to be recorded with any necessary action taken immediately. The Parish Council will tell Aon of the professional Risk Assessment that has been undertaken on both sites and the remedial action that has been taken. It will ask if an annual inspection by the professionals will be sufficient for their purposes.
Cllr Dorling will contact the owners of Nether Hall to clarify the boundary between their land and the wood.
Cllr Dorling will also follow up the offer of a Jubilee oak tree and plaque to be sited near the watermill.

13 - Finance Report:-
A Finance Report was circulated and payments agreed.
Cutting the grass on the playing field was discussed – this land is the responsibility of the PVH & PFA. Cllr Dorling will ask Mr Thrower the cost of cutting this field.
A quote has been received for surfacing of the main drive and the drive to the car park at the church. This includes removal of the pile of soil (which is not topsoil). To be discussed at the next meeting.
The clerk was asked to find out the cost of 3 further dog bins to be sited at Church Wood, Home Farm Lane The Street and near the Baileypool Bridge footpath.

14 - Clerk's report:-
St Edmundsbury have sent a drop-in invitation to Parish Councillors to attend a briefing on the Rural Vision 2032 document. This will take place between 6-8pm 18th January.
Suffolk Acre are leading a community buying initiative for oil. This would need a co-ordinator in the village. Notice to be put on the noticeboard to see if there is any interest.

15 - Correspondence:-
SCC : New Heritage Organisation for Suffolk
CPRE : Fieldwork
Suffolk Preservation Society
The Suffolk Foundation
Havebury News

16 - Councillor's reports:-
Concern was expressed about graffiti on the bus shelter. Clerk to ask St Edmundsbury BC if they can clean it.

17 - Date of next meeting:-
Wednesday 22nd February 2012 at 7.30pm in Pakenham Village Hall.

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