Pakenham Parish Council Minutes - 27th October 2011

Meeting of


7.30pm 27th October 2011, Pakenham Village Hall

Present: Cllr H Painter, Cllr M Sargent, Cllr D Dorling, Cllr A Kibbel, Cllr M Bagnall, and PCSO Pardoe. Mrs M Gardiner (clerk).

1 - Apologies for absence: Cllr R Griffin, Cllr C Palfrey, Borough Councillor C Spicer and County Councillor R Hopfensperger.

2 - Declarations of interest: Cllrs Painter & Sargent declared an interest in planning application SE/11/1163 and left the room when this was discussed.

3 - Public Forum:-
Land at Mill Road, Micklemere, Pakenham – further activity taking place was discussed. See Councillor Spicer’s report for update on current position.
Bill and Ben Nursery – one resident told the meeting that in his opinion small local businesses should be encouraged and that it was the Parish Council’s duty to help them, not penalise them. The Parish Council is aware that the Borough Council are to consider enforcement action on this site. This may not happen and at present the Parish Council have not been asked to consider further. The obvious problem may be increased traffic but this should be considered when all the details are before the Parish Council.

4 - County Councillor’s Report:-
Mill Road
I am continuing to pressurise the Environment Agency over the filling of the ditch. I am awaiting a full response from them.
Ixworth Road - Flooding
I understand that there are still problems with flooding in this area and I have requested that the drains a jetted fully which I have been told will be done in the next couple of weeks.
Speeding - Upper Town
I have received some drawings for improved signage in this area to warn motorists of children crossing etc, following from concerns expressed about speeding in this area and concern for the safety of children in this area. This will be funded from my Quality of Life budget. If the council are happy to place signage in this area I will give the go ahead for installation.
A new Chief Executive Appointed
Deborah Cadman has been appointed as the new chief executive of Suffolk County Council. She brings with her 28 years’ public sector experience, six years of which was as chief executive at St Edmundsbury Borough Council. Currently, she is chief executive at the East of England Development Agency, where, in 2010/11, she supported the creation of 8,800 jobs and 2,800 new businesses in the east. Prior to her role at St Edmundsbury, where she led the authority from a Fair to Excellent government rating, she was a lead inspector at the Audit Commission and assistant chief executive at Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council. Deborah will be paid £155,000 per year and there will be no bonuses or annual pay increments. Her start date is still to be arranged.
Budget Latest
The county council faces a budget gap of £50million over the next two years – a combination of cuts to our grant from the government, together with added costs and demand for our services – particularly our social care services. Proposals are currently being drawn up to find those necessary savings while protecting our vital front-line services and keeping council tax down. To help with this process, the first phase of our budget consultation has been running over the last six weeks and draws to a close on Sunday 23rd October. This sought the views of people across Suffolk as to the areas of the council’s work that were of the most importance and giving them the opportunity to suggest any ideas for saving money. A scrutiny committee meeting will be taking place in early November to look at the preparation, the context and the preliminary plans for the budget, which will also be informed by the results of this first stage of consultation. More detailed proposals will then be developed and published towards the end of the year.
Libraries Update
Next month the cabinet will debate a new operating model for the county’s library network. Earlier this year, the county council developed initial proposals that would steer the county’s library service through difficult budget reductions without having to close libraries. The various options have now been evaluated and the preferred option will now be selected. As well as having overall responsibility for the county’s libraries, the new service will work with community groups who have developed plans for the running of their own local library in an innovative joint approach. The cabinet will also be discussing proposals for the future of the county’s mobile libraries, which could include reducing the number of visits that they make – bringing them into line with other, neighbouring counties.
Options for the future of schools in the Thurston area have now been published, and the county council is seeking the views of local people before decisions are taken. The proposals to expand the first schools in the Thurston area to enable a move towards 2-tier education were designed by the Thurston Partnership of 17 First Schools and Thurston Community College. There is the additional possibility of a Free School in the north of the catchment area.
Stour Valley Community School, the county’s first Free School, has successfully opened in Clare, with 173 pupils. The increase in parental choice created by the new school is indicated by the fact that some new Year 7 pupils, formerly at Uplands Middle School in Sudbury, have enrolled.
The East Anglian Daily Times has joined forces with the county council to help improve education standards across Suffolk. They have offered to launch a collaborative Maths campaign, to help address the county’s poor performance in Maths at Key Stage 2 and are working with the county’s Learning and Improvement Service.

5 - Borough Councillor’s Report:-
Councillor Spicer said that he is keeping up the pressure on St Edmundsbury to carry out the Court Case against Mr Reynolds etc.
He has also asked Jane Stanley to press Mr. Bodell of the Environment Agency about the blocking of the Mill Road flood drain. She has dealt with this.
He was unable to attend the Parish Conference; however St Edmundsbury is objecting to the Government’s National Planning Policy framework re the Villages and Greenfield sites.

On Tuesday 25th November the Council is meeting to debate Sharing a Chief Executive and Management Team with Forest Heath District Council. We need to save £2m in 2012/13 and this will be a major help.

Councillor Spicer asked that the following letter from the Enforcement Dept be read out to the meeting:-
Joy Bowes passed on your message that it would be helpful if you had an update that you could pass on to Pakenham Parish Council in advance of tomorrow's meeting. I hope that the following message is helpful.
In so far as the drainage matters are concerned, I have been told that Mr Reynolds has told the Environment Agency's Officer (Michael Bodell) that a pond has been dug out for the ducks and geese and that the land is being 'levelled' for the livestock. Mr Reynolds has told the Environment Agency that it is his intention to restore the watercourse on the site and to put a bridge across it after the 'levelling'. Mr Reynolds has also said that it is his intention to clean out the ditch adjacent to the Suffolk Wildlife Trust land and expects that this work will be completed by the end of November. Consequently, the Environment Agency needs to allow time for the ditch to be reinstated and is continuing to monitor the situation and to seek a resolution to the drainage concerns that have been identified.
The Environment Agency is also giving further consideration to recently received emails about the deposit of soil and rubble and is currently considering whether or not there is anything further to be addressed in relation to the waste licensing legislation.
Suffolk County Council's Trading Standards Section are aware of the recent concerns about a small number of dead chickens are being left on the land to be pecked at by the live birds (and are giving further consideration to this matter). There is no action that our Environmental Health Team can take in respect of this in the current circumstances.
I am continuing to work with Simon Bailey of Suffolk County Council's Minerals and Waste Planning Section in respect of the additional materials that appear to have been brought onto the site and the additional unauthorised development that is taking place on the land. Work has been progressed upon all of the outstanding planning matters and is continuing to be progressed as quickly as possible.
We will update you further as soon as we have more information that we are able to give. I hope that this information is of assistance in the interim.
Jane Stanley.

A copy of this letter will be sent to Suffolk Wildlife Trust.

6 - Police report:-
PCSO Pardoe reported that there had been no crimes in Pakenham since the last Parish Council meeting.
Residents told him that their main concern was vehicles speeding through the village, particularly one tractor. The police officer did not consider any action could be taken at present but was asked to speak to the person concerned if a licence number is provided by parishioners.
The next Priority Setting meeting will be held at Ixworth Village Hall on Thursday 8th December 2011 from 7.00-9.00pm.
The Chairman convened the meeting.

7 - Approve minutes of meeting held on 22nd September 2011:-
These were approved and signed as a true record.

8 - Planning Applications:-
SE/11/1163 – 40 The Owell, Pakenham
Erection of two storey rear extension.
After studying the plans carefully, Councillors agreed they had no objection to this application.

SE/11/1185 – Nether Hall, The Street, Pakenham
(i) Insertion of 2 no windows on south west elevation of stable building
(ii) Enlargement of arch opening and raise height of garden wall over arch including internal and external alterations
(iii) Enlargement and extension of existing outbuilding
Councillors considered the proposed alterations and agreed unanimously that they have no objections to the proposed alterations.

SE/11/1174 – The Broadway, Grimstone End, Pakenham
Erection of 2 no detached dwellings and associated car ports
The Parish Council have no objection to the erection of 2 no dwellings on this site.

Outcome of Planning Applications:-
SE/11/1000 – 3 Church Green
TCA11/2154 – Pakenham Lodge, The Street
SE/11/1001 – Erection of wind turbine
Enforcement issues:-
Land at Mill Road – see Councillor Spicer’s report.
Bill and Ben Nursery – the owners have been asked to apply to the Planning Dept for change of use permission.

9 - Church Wood:-
The fencing has now been completed. The fence at the entrance is situated slightly back from the road. The wood will be open to the public when the tree survey has taken place.
Ideas from village residents will be welcomed as to how they would like to use of the wood.  Dog-walking is the obvious suggestion. Perhaps an interest group could be formed to look after the wood and to encourage its use by groups and individuals.

10 - Road Safety at Upper Town:-
see Councillor Hopfensperger’s report. The Parish Council asked to see details of the signs before accepting her offer.

11 - Church Footpath:-
Councillors looked at the proposed upgrade to the footpath from the pavement to the church.  Councillor Hopfensperger has offered a grant from her Locality budget and the Parish Council agreed to fund £587.24.

12 - Parish Plan: Local needs housing survey – for next meeting

13 - Country Landowners Association: for next meeting.

14 - Projector:-
Councillor Hopfensperger has forwarded information about a grant that is available towards the purchase of a projector and screen for the village hall. Councillors agreed that this would be a useful asset for the community and agreed to pass the information to the Village Hall committee.

15 - Finance Report:-
A Finance Report was circulated and payments agreed. The clerk was asked to question the cost of the August by-election which seems very high. 
The Annual Return has been received from the Auditors and Councillors agreed to accept its findings.
The Chairman will obtain quotes for the cost of a new noticeboard to be sited at Grimstone End.
A pile of spoil is getting larger at the top of the drive to the church, mainly after the digging of graves.  Councillor Dorling will obtain a quote for its removal.
The budget will be discussed at the Council’s December meeting. Clerk to circulate figures with the agenda.

16 - Clerk’s report:-
SALC AGM will take place on 7th November. No Councillors are free to attend.
St Edmundsbury Planning Seminar was attended by the Clerk. There is a follow-up session in the new year.
Memorial – a request has been received for an inscription to be added to the existing memorial for David Tyler. Permission was given.
Mrs Jackson has expressed her gratitude to County Councillors J Spicer and R Hopfensperger for their assistance in arranging the new mini-bus service into Bury
Ixworth Pumping Station – a further letter has been sent to Anglian Water expressing our concern and asking for a reply in writing.

17 - Correspondence:-
Boundary Commission
Parliamentary Constituency Review
The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Beacons
SALC : Annual report
Suffolk Acre : Update
Havebury : New Neighbourhood Structure
BBC : Digital Switchover Help Scheme

18 - Councillor’s reports:-
Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations
No grant has been allocated yet. However, the village still aims to go ahead with a street party with a dance in the evening. Road closure information to be obtained.
Village newsletter
Councillor Griffin’s draft newsletter has been circulated to Parish Councillors and will be discussed at the next meeting when Councillor Griffin is in attendance.
Mobile Library
There has been a consultation regarding use of mobile libraries. The library has two stops in Pakenham and has 13 users, who have taken out 10 books. Councillors asked the public if they were aware of this. Very few were.
Councillors were interrupted by a resident enquiring when they were going to have a full discussion regarding the Bill and Ben Nursery. The Chairman informed him that the Parish Council will consider the matter fully when they receive a planning application through the Borough Council.

19 - Date of next meeting:-
Thursday 1st December at 7.30pm in Pakenham Village Hall.

Meetings for 2012 are being booked and dates will be circulated shortly.
Pakenham-Village of Two Mills Book
History of Nether Hall book
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