Pakenham Parish Council Minutes - 22nd September 2011

Meeting of


7.30pm 22nd September 2011, The Martin Room

Present: Cllr H Painter, Cllr R Griffin, Cllr M Sargent, Cllr D Dorling, Cllr A Kibbel, Cllr C Palfrey, Cllr M Bagnall, Borough Councillor C Spicer and PC Tate. Mrs M Gardiner (clerk).

1 - Apologies for absence: County Councillor R Hopfensperger

2 - Declarations of interest: none.

3 - Public Forum:-
A resident was concerned at the number of notices fly-posted on or near the bus shelter and suggested that perhaps a noticeboard placed there might make the area look tidier. Wherever they are posted, they are rarely removed afterwards. Councillors suggested that residents might remove out of date notices themselves.
Land at Mill Road, Micklemere, Pakenham – to be discussed as an agenda item.
Planning at Stow Road, Ixworth
Pakenham residents were present to voice their opposition to the proposed development in Ixworth. Pakenham Parish Council has not received details of the planning application, although they are available on the Borough Council’s website.
Drain – at Priory Farmhouse is not blocked but still floods in heavy rain.  Cllr Spicer has reported this to Cllr Hopfensperger.  It has already been rodded and Cllr Hopfensperger is also dealing with a blockage at Upper Town and others through the village.
Speeding – very bad at Bridge Farm, especially while the by-pass was closed.

4 - County Councillor’s Report:-
Budget Consultations
Suffolk County Council have just commenced their budget consultation.  The consultation runs from 12th September - 23rd October, the survey is online but I have asked for hard copied to be sent to you. The survey asks what services you would be prepared to pay for or pay more for and asks for ideas where the council can save money. The consultation exercise is also backed up by a series of information events and meeting which will commence in November.
You may well have heard on news that following a further boost of £10 million to help provide a faster broadband service in Suffolk. We have now been put into the first group of counties where the work will commence. The infrastructure is due to start to be installed in Autumn with a completion date of 2015. It is proposed that 85% of Suffolk's population with have access to at least 2MB broadband connection.
Grant up to £250 available towards the cost of a projector and screen for your village hall
The aim of this grant is to assist Parish Councils and Village Hall Management Committees in providing more opportunities for residents and making information as accessible as possible. The aim is also to help make community centres/village halls as sustainable as possible.
Either the Parish Council or the Village Hall Management Committee can apply.
The grant can only be used towards the purchase of equipment for use in the community centre/village hall – the equipment may include a projector and screen, but also desk-top computers, additional laptops, or other IT equipment.
The grant is for 50% of the total equipment cost, or £250 (whichever is the lesser amount).
For more information and to apply, please contact the Rural Economic Development Officer by phone on: 01284 757109.
Chief Executive
We have just started the process of looking for a permanent Chief Executive who will be employed on a greatly reduced salary to that of their predecessor.
Mobile Library Consultation
There is currently a consultation on the mobile library service which you should have received information on, it runs until the 16th October. I can tell you that the current usage of the Pakenham mobile library is for two stops - there are 13 registered users with currently 10 books on loan. This was information as at the start of September. I will say that Pakenham has some of the lowest turnout figures out of the whole area I represent.
Blocked Drains - Grimstone End
I reported the problem outside Strathcona/Brook Cottage and investigations suggests that the outfall from the kerb offlet through to the field at the back has been upset, it appears that a pipe has been severed. A CCTV camera is to be sent down to investigate further.
Upper Town Speeding
Some months ago it was brought to my attention that there is a speeding problem in Upper town which is causing a particular problem for the number of children in that area. Road safety engineers have looked at the area and felt that it would be appropriate to place 'slow children' and 'children crossing' signs in the area. Please let me know if that is acceptable to the parish council and I will give the go ahead for the placement of the signs.

5 - Borough Councillor’s Report:-
Intelligent street-lighting
Some Pakenham streetlights belong to Suffolk CC and some to St Edmundsbury BC.  Only the newer SCC lights can be converted.
St Edmundsbury is continuing to work with Forest Heath in order to keep costs down.
Cllr Spicer recommended that a representative from the Parish Council attended the next Parish Conference.
St Edmundsbury
is consulting residents about their budget proposals.
The Fox has applied for a variation to their premises licence.
Mid Suffolk
proposes that the flat at Nether Hall moves from St Edmundsbury and Pakenham into Thurston Parish
Wind turbine – as agenda item.
Land at Mill Lane – as agenda item.
On behalf of the PVH & PFA Cllr Spicer thanked the Parish Council for their grant towards the maintenance of the Village Hall.

6 - Police report:-
PC Tate reported that only one crime had occurred in the village since the last Parish Council meeting. This was the theft of a crayfish trap from The Owell on 28/29th August.
PC Tate was advised that even tractors are now speeding in the village. She advised that certain criteria are required before speed checks can take place.
Next Community Tasking Meeting. The next Priority Setting meeting will be held at Ixworth Village Hall on Thursday 8th December 2011 from 7.00-9.00pm.
A person has been apprehended for BT cable thefts which affected the Pakenham telephone exchange.
The Chairman convened the meeting.

7 - Approve minutes of meeting held 18th August 2011:-
These were approved and signed as a true record.

8 - Clerk’s report:-
The condition of the area of land and footpath between Manor Garth and the Playing Field has been reported to St Edmundsbury BC who will inspect the area.

9 - Planning applications:-
SE/11/1000 – 3 Church Green, Church Hill, Pakenham
Provision of 1 no. rooflight (ii) replacement of existing rooflight on south elevation.
The Parish Council has no objection to this application.

SE/11/1001 – Field adjoining Beaumont’s Hall, Pakenham
Erection of wind turbine
The Chairman opened the meeting to hear the views of the public before the Councillors discussed the matter. The Chairman had already asked the planners to provide a photo montage showing the wind turbine in situ in order that we can judge its effect on the landscape as it is so tall. He also requested that an independent acoustic expert comment on the noise report from the applicant and assess the effect of the noise in the locality.
The public discussed this matter at length. It seemed that most members of the public were present because they were interested and wanted to know more about the plans. Noise is the main concern of local residents. They were curious to know that if one wind turbine was allowed, would it be followed by more. 
It is not considered that the output of this wind turbine will be sufficient to run the grain dryer in the shed at the site. If this is so, could not the applicant tolerate a reduction in power output with an associated reduction in the height of the mast? The tower will be three times higher than the current building.
The report states that there are no dwellings within 800 yards and this is not true. Residents want to know how far away the turbine will be seen and heard. Councillors were informed that Environmental Health have been consulted.
After a closed discussion Councillors agreed to send the following to the Planning Dept:-
The Parish Council objects to this application. They consider that there is insufficient information to adequately consider this application properly. 
In particular it is incredibly difficult to assess the location and impact of the height from the information available to the Parish Council. 
We are very concerned that the noise report is thoroughly investigated to ensure that no nuisance occurs to neighbours.
A photo montage showing the wind turbine in location is requested and a temporary mast or balloon or other means of indicating the height of this turbine on site is requested in order that the impact can be fully appreciated.
Residents of neighbouring parishes including those looking on to the site have not been informed of the application and we request that all adjoining neighbours are notified even if they are in other parish areas.
We do not consider that this application can go forward until further detail is submitted.

TCA11/2154 – Pakenham Lodge, The Street
G1 – One holly and two Box & G2 – one sycamore and one laburnham – fell; and T1 Field Maple & T2 – Beech – crown reduce by 25%.
The Parish Council all agreed that they have no objection to this work taking place.

Outcome of planning applications:-
.SE/11/0974 – Rivendell, Grimstone End

10 - Finance Report:-
A Finance Report was circulated and payments agreed. Paperwork necessary to appoint a new signatory will be completed.
A request was received for a grant of £1000 towards the resurfacing and lighting of the footpath to the Church. A quotation of £3,946.24 has been received for the work. For a future agenda.

11 - Land at Mill Lane, Micklemere, Mill Road:-
Cllr Spicer reported that files of evidence have gone to the solicitors. A barrister has been instructed and an injunction has been served. The hearing should take place before Christmas. Pakenham and Bardwell will be dealt with together. The Environment Agency is taking the problems at the site very seriously and Cllr Spicer visits weekly.
The Chairman told the meeting that the proposed multi-agency meeting with the Police did not take place because of legal problems. He read letters between the Parish Council, Defra and Trading Standards.
Any problems with the water course, such as flooding, may incur another enforcement order.

12 - Queen’s Jubilee celebrations:-
The WI are waiting for the results of their Lottery Grant bid before any further planning can take place. The submission was made on behalf of the Parish Council. It has a large educational element and could involve the whole parish.
The Chairman assured residents that this would not be the only celebration taking part in the village. The Parish Council and other organisations would be free to organise their own events.
Cllr Spicer suggested planting a Diamond Jubilee clump of trees in the village. Toddlers’ club parents had requested a tree near the children’s play area – perhaps a field maple or similar could be planted there.

13 - Intelligent street lighting: dealt with in Cllr Spicer’s report.

14 - Church Wood:-
The tall fence at the back of the gardens has now been completed. The remaining post and rail fence around the wooded area will be completed soon. The tree survey will take place in mid October. There is no public access to the wood at present.

15 - Parish Plan:-
Suffolk Acre have been approached regarding the costs of a housing survey but no reply has been received yet.
Cllr Griffin has drafted a village newsletter, which will be circulated to Councillors. It has been costed at £85 for 500 copies. Cllr Palfrey gave a vote of thanks to Cllr Griffin and his wife for the time and effort they have spent on this venture.

16 - Fen Road:-
Mr Edgar had received the letters from the Parish Council but he felt that his garden was private land and the condition of it should not concern anyone else. After some discussion, Mr Edgar agreed to remove the building rubbish from the land.

17 - Ixworth Pumping Station:-
Residents were still concerned that the new owners of this pumping station might be able to access valves that affect the water supply to surrounding villages. Clerk to write again to Anglian Water to obtain in writing a statement saying that it is impossible for anyone to tamper with the valves.

18 - Country Landowners Association:-
Cllr Griffin suggested that the Parish Council might like to join this association so that it can benefit from cheap legal advice when necessary. Details will be circulated before the next meeting, when a decision will be made.

19 - Correspondence for circulation:-
SCC : Restructure of Highways & Transport Services; Mobile Libraries Consultation; Budget Challenge.
SALC : Courses; AGM & Constitution; Data Protection; Cemetery Management;  Exclusive rights of burial course.
Suffolk Acre : Update.
Clerks & Councils Direct.
SSAFA Forces Help.
Suffolk Preservation Society : Suffolk View; National Planning  Policy Framework
CPRE : Countryside Voice

20 - Councillor’s reports: none.

21 - Date of next meeting:-
Thursday 27th October at 7.30pm in Pakenham Village Hall.

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