Pakenham Parish Council Minutes - 19th May 2011

Meeting of


8.15pm 19th May 2011, Pakenham Village Hall

Present: Cllr H Painter, Cllr R Griffin, Cllr M Sargent, Cllr D Dorling, Cllr A Kibbel, Cllr C Palfrey; Mrs M Gardiner (clerk). Several members of the public attended

1 - Election & appointment of Chairman & Vice-Chairman.
Cllr Dorling proposed Cllr Painter for Chairman for the coming year 2011-2012.
This was seconded by Cllr Sargent and agreed unanimously.
Cllr Sargent proposed that Cllr Kibbel becomes Vice-Chairman for the coming year.
Cllr Painter seconded the proposal and all Councillors agreed unanimously.

2 - Signing of Declaration of Acceptance of Office form.
Cllr Painter signed the form to accept the office of Chairman and the Clerk countersigned it.
Cllr Griffin agreed to take responsibility for following through the Parish Plan.
Cllrs Dorling and Sargent will continue to represent the Parish Council on the Charities committee.
Cllr Griffin will continue as Footpath Warden.
Cllr Dorling will continue to look after the village trees.
Cllr Palfrey was welcomed to the Parish Council.

3 - Apologies for absence.
County Councillor R Hopfensperger; Borough Councillor C Spicer; Police.
Cllr Bryant has told Cllr Kibbel that he will be unable to continue as a councillor due to the ill health of his wife. Cllr Bryant will be asked to write a letter confirming this.

4 - Declarations of interest.
Cllr Kibbel expressed an interest in the planning application regarding trees at Nether Hall and left the room for this discussion and decision. Cllr Dorling expressed an interest in the planning application for Miller's Meadow and left the room for the discussion and decision.

5 - Public Forum.
Further discussion took place about the possibility of a Parish Council newsletter. It was suggested at the Annual Parish Meeting that such a newsletter might be distributed on a quarterly basis.
Land at Mill Lane - Planning Officers have visited the site and have seen the geese and derelict van there.  The RSPCA have also visited but say that they can do nothing as the geese have adequate food and water.  Neighbours are still concerned about the health of the geese and consider that only minimal food and water are available.  Cllr Griffin will contact another animal welfare group for advice.

6 - Borough Councillor's report.
Cllr Spicer gave his annual report to the Annual Parish Meeting.
Councillors send their congratulations as he becomes Mayor of St Edmundsbury.  He has invited all villagers to the Civic Service which will be held in St Mary's, Pakenham on 10th July 2011 and to the Reception afterwards.
7 - County Councillor's report.
Cllr Hopfensperger gave an annual report to the Annual Parish Meeting.
8 - Police report.
An annual report was read to the Annual Parish Meeting.

The Chairman convened the meeting.

9 - Approve minutes of meeting held on 31st March 2011.
Councillors agreed that these should be signed as a true record.

10 - Clerk's report.
Annual Surface Clearance Programme 2011.  SCC had sent a programme of clearance of public footpaths in Pakenham.  This was passed to the Footpath Warden.
The Clerk requested permission to attend a SALC training to be updated on website alterations.  Granted.

11 - Planning.
a - Planning applications:-
SE/11/0413 - Gibbons, Stow Road, Ixworth
Erection of single storey rear extension and pergola (following demolition of existing conservatory).
Councillors carefully studied the plans and agreed unanimously that they have no objection to this proposal.
TPO237(1973)4 - Adjacent to The Cottage (Nether Hall Lodge), The Street.
(i)Fell two Ash trees and one Sycamore tree and
(ii) 20% crown reduction to one Horse Chestnut tree.
After a site visit it was agreed unanimously that the Council has no objection to this work taking place.
SE/11/0506 - Millers Meadow, Grimstone End.
Erection of occupational workers dwelling.
The applicant explained the plans and the need for this dwelling.  After much discussion, Councillors agreed unanimously that they have no objection to this application.

b - Further applications received after publication of the agenda:-
SE/11/0528 - The Old Royal Oak, Fen Road, Pakenham.
Enlargement of existing dormer window.
Councillors studied the plans carefully and agreed unanimously that they have no objection to the proposal.

c - Outcome of planning applications:-
SE/11/0113 - Oakdene, Mill Road
SE/10/0757 - Bridge House, The Street
SE/11/0260 - Woodlands, Fen Road

SE/11/0133 - 1 Micklemere, Mill Road

SE/10/0632 - The Broadway, 11th May
St Edmundbury Borough Council appear to want the land used for industrial purposes, whereas villagers would prefer residential housing. Planners have visited the site and the surrounding area.
Parking at 2 & 3 Micklemere - a parking space is now available in the garden of 3 Micklemere for the resident of 2 Micklemere.

12 - Finance Report.
Adoption of Accounts for 2010-2011 - The accounts have been returned by the internal auditor. Cllr Sargent proposed the adoption of the accounts and Cllr Dorling seconded the proposal. It was carried unanimously.
Councillors undertook the Annual Governance Statement and Audit and the form was signed before it was sent with the accounts to the external auditor.
The Finance Report was circulated and all payments were agreed.

13 - Church Wood.
Mr Thrower is due to start fencing the wood on 30th May. Cllr Dorling and Borough Cllr Spicer have spoken with some of the residents of Church Wood cottages. Councillors agreed unanimously that pedestrian access from the cottage gardens will not be permitted.

14 - Correspondence for circulation.
SCC : Changes to Suffolk County Council street lights; Trusted Trader Scheme;Waste Recycling Centres.
SALC : Training calendar;  Survey; Clerks & Councils Direct.
Suffolk Acre : Update magazine.
CPRE : Fieldwork magazine.
Suffolk Preservation Society : Suffolk View.
Suffolk Age UK : Insurance;  Play equipment.

15 - Any other business from Councillors.
A report of the recent Parish Conference will be given at the next meeting.

16 - Date of next meeting.
Thursday 30th June in the Village Hall.
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History of Nether Hall book
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